Permitted development rights have been restored to homes at Pinewood Park in Farnborough.

On 14 February 1978, an Article 4 direction was made which removed some permitted development rights from properties at Pinewood Park in Farnborough.

The direction required property owners to make a planning application for the:

  • Enlargement, improvement or other alteration of their homes
  • Erection or construction of porches outside an external door
  • Provision, maintenance, improvement or other alteration of a building or enclosure incidental to the enjoyment of their home
  • Erection, construction, maintenance, improvement or alteration of gates, fences, walls or other means of enclosure

Article 4 direction removes some permitted development rights.

Between 14 February and 27 March 2020, we held a consultation and invited your views on whether the Article 4 direction should be removed.

Removing the Article 4 direction

We believed that the direction was no longer serving the purpose for which it was originally intended.  When this happens, national planning policy advises that Article 4 directions should be removed.

We set out our reasons why we wanted to remove the direction in Cabinet Report No. EPSH1943.

To remove an Article 4 direction, councils have to make a new direction. On 14 February 2020, we therefore made a direction to cancel the original direction made in 1978.

We considered the responses to the consultation and decided that the new direction should come into force and cancel the 1978 direction.

The new direction came into force on 24 July 2020 and restores the permitted development rights previously removed by the 1978 direction.

You can view a copy of the direction and a map of the affected properties below:

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