Our major refurbishment of Aldershot Crematorium has started and is scheduled to last until Spring 2025.

The work will include installing a second cremator, a new roof, external cladding, extending the covered entrance and improving access for people with disabilities.

There will also be improved insulation, with solar panels and new windows fitted, as part of the council's commitment to tackling climate change.

When the changes will be happening

The work started in May and should last until Spring 2025.

Funeral arrangements while the work is being carried out

Funeral services are now being held in the Redan Road chapels in Aldershot while the crematorium building is closed for refurbishment.

There are two Victorian chapels in the Redan Road cemetery, and one is used for funerals and the other is a waiting room, with toilets and an office area. There is parking available at the cemetery.

Cremations will still take place at the Aldershot crematorium.

Redan Road Chapels Chapel waiting room

Inside the chapel for funerals Chapel seating 

Access to the crematorium grounds

While we develop the new crematorium, the Aldershot Crematorium grounds will be open to visitors as usual. The hall of remembrance will be closed to the public, but accessible online.

Why we are refurbishing the crematorium

The crematorium was opened in 1960 and was last fully refurbished 25 years ago. The most recent condition survey on the building showed that a new roof and a second cremator are now needed.

We are taking the opportunity to invest in the building so that it offers a much-improved experience for all.

Artist's impressions of the new crematorium

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