Find out about the membership and leadership of our Cabinet and its responsibilities.

The Cabinet is our decision-making body. Its responsibilities include monitoring the council budget, making day-to-day decisions on resources and forming partnerships with other organisations.

The Leader of the Council provides leadership to us and chairs the Cabinet. The Leader also appoints other councillors as Cabinet members. The Cabinet has collective responsibility for any decisions made.

Membership of the Cabinet

Member Role and portfolio responsibilities
Councillor Gareth Lyon Leader of the Council with responsibility for communications and engagement
Councillor Maurice Sheehan Deputy Leader and Environment and Neighbourhood portfolio
Councillor Martin Tennant Deputy Leader and Major Projects and Property portfolio
Councillor Ade Adeola Digital First and Corporate portfolio
Councillor Jonathan Canty Development and Economic Growth portfolio
Councillor Sue Carter Community portfolio
Councillor Paul Taylor Finance portfolio
Councillor Stuart Trussler Member of the cabinet without portfolio

Cabinet portfolios

Each Cabinet member is responsible for particular areas of council business - this is known as their portfolio. Cabinet members are also called portfolio holders.

Please visit our about the portfolios page for more information.

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