How to get support if you are homeless or about to lose your home.

If you have lost your home or could lose it, contact our housing options team as soon as possible using our form below.

We can:

  • Give you advice on your legal rights
  • Suggests ways to prevent losing your home
  • Help you find somewhere else to live

What homelessness is

You are homeless if you do not have a home that you can live in legally. You are not homeless if:

  • You can legally stay in your home
  • There is a second home which is available to you

You may be homeless if you have a home, but cannot live there for certain reasons:

  • You have been evicted illegally from it
  • It's not reasonable for you to stay in your home, because of domestic violence or threats of violence against you or a member of your family

Preventing homelessness

We will do everything possible to prevent you from becoming homeless, but it is important that you contact us without delay, even if you feel your situation is hopeless.

If we cannot prevent your homelessness, we can give you advice about other housing options that may be available to you.

Temporary accommodation during freezing temperatures

Emergency support is available to people sleeping rough when temperatures drop below freezing and we provide temporary bed and breakfast accommodation for vulnerable people.

If you are concerned about someone that you have seen sleeping rough, you can report it to us through the StreetLink website, so that we can help them to access the support they need.

Help if you are under 25, single and homeless

Youth Aims provides advice, information, mediation and rent deposits to young people aged 16-25. For details, see the Youth Aims website.

If you have an urgent housing problem

We can assess most requests for help over the phone or in person at our council offices, which means you will not need to complete a housing application form.

We will base our decision on your housing circumstances now and not on your future housing need.

You can do this by contacting our housing options team using the contact details below or by completing our tell us that you are homeless form.

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