Details about recycling and rubbish collections in Aldershot and Farnborough.

Your bin collections

To encourage as much recycling as possible, we provide the following:

This means we empty your blue bin, glass recycling and food waste one week and your green bin, food waste and garden waste (if you subscribe) the next.

We have a 'no excess waste policy'. This means we will not collect rubbish that is not in your bin. Please also make sure your bin lid is closed.

Timing of collections 

  • Collections usually start at 7am in most roads and are usually finished by mid-afternoon 
  • Please put out your bins and, glass containers and caddies at the edge of your property (nearest point to the road) before 7am on your collection day, or the night before
  • For safety reasons, collections start earlier in these roads, so please put your bin out before this time: 
    - Fleet Road, Farnborough - 6.30am 
    - Victoria Road, Farnborough - 6am 
    - Ash Road, Aldershot - 6.30am 
    - Lower Farnham Road, Aldershot - 6am 
    - North Lane, Aldershot - 6.15am
  • For the safety of our crews, in very hot weather we may start collections in all roads from 6am. This is to make sure that where possible, the staff have completed their round before the hottest part of the day

Please make sure your bins and glass containers are ready for collection before these times, and that you bring them back in as soon as possible after they have been emptied. 

New and replacement bins

We have introduced a charge for replacement rubbish bins. 

This means that you will need to pay for a new rubbish bin if yours has been lost or damaged, or you would like to swap it for a different size. The only exception is if our collection crew have confirmed that it has fallen into the back of the lorry. 

Our replacement bins are free for recycling and garden waste. We also don’t charge for replacement outside food waste caddies.

Please see our new and replacements bins page for more information. 

Numbering your bins, boxes and caddies

One of the ways you can help our bin collection crews is to make sure your bins, boxes and caddies are clearly marked with your house number and road name.

This helps the crew to report any issues quickly and accurately, and will also help you to keep an eye on your bins and avoid any mix-ups with neighbours.  

A number of shops and online retailers sell low-cost address stickers for bins, but you can use any sort of labelling - or even paint your address on your bins.

Garden waste and DIY waste in rubbish bins

Please do not put any garden waste or DIY waste in your green or blue bins. You can compost garden waste at home or join our garden waste recycling service.

You can also take garden waste and DIY waste to Hampshire County Council's Household waste recycling centres

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