We offer a free collection of clinical waste when you have been referred to us by a healthcare professional (for example a doctor or hospital).

You will usually be provided with your first clinical waste container by your doctor or hospital. If that is the case, when your box or bag is getting full, you will need to book a clinical waste collection from us.

If you need to request a clinical waste box or bag from us, you can use the link below.

All collections are on Tuesdays.

We do not offer collections from businesses.

Healthcare waste referral forms

We can only collect clinical waste that has been requested by a healthcare professional.

If you need to arrange a collection and have not been referred by your healthcare worker already, please ask them to complete a healthcare waste referral form and send it to us. Your healthcare worker should have a copy of this form.

What you will need a clinical waste collection for: 

  • Soiled surgical dressings and swabs 
  • Sharps and needles of any kind
  • Identifiable human tissue
  • Blood 

What you don't need a clinical waste collection for:

  • Bed pan contents 
  • Bed pan liners
  • Nappies and incontinence pads
  • Stoma bags and urine containers where there is no risk of blood contamination

You can get rid of any of these items with your rubbish collection.

How to use the clinical waste box

Once you have requested and we have delivered your clinical waste box, you must put any sharp items in an official sharps box. 

  • Yellow boxes are for sharps contaminated with standard medicines 
  • Purple-lidded boxes are for sharps contaminated with cytotoxic / cytostatic products
  • You can put other infectious clinical waste into special orange-coloured clinical waste sacks

When we collect

We offer one-off or ongoing collections on a Tuesday morning: 

  • Ongoing collections are for if you produce a lot of clinical waste and need regular, weekly collections 
  • One-off collections are for if you produce a small amount of waste and you contact us when your box or sack is full and needs collecting 

You can also call us by 5pm on a Monday to arrange a collection. You can do this using the contact details below.

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