All households have a fortnightly collection of glass for recycling.

You can use your blue box / basket or purple-wheeled bin (if you live in a flat) for all types and colours of glass bottles and jars.  

We empty your glass container every fortnight at the same time as your blue recycling bin. We put the glass into a separate compartment of the recycling collection lorry.

Please do not overfill your glass box. For safety reasons we will not be able to empty it, if any bottles or jars are above the rim of the box.

What you can and can't recycle

Yes please

  • Glass bottles (all colours)
  • Glass jars with metal lids

No thank you

Other ways to recycle your glass

You can also take glass to the many bottle banks in Aldershot and Farnborough. Please see our bottle banks and recycling points page to find your nearest.

Numbering your glass box

One of the ways you can help our bin collection crews is to make sure your glass box is clearly marked with your house number and road name.

This helps the crew to report any issues quickly and accurately, and will also help you to keep an eye on your box and avoid any mix-ups with neighbours.  

A number of shops and online retailers sell low-cost address stickers for bins and boxes, but you can use any sort of labelling - or even paint your address on your box.

Please also try to bring your box in as soon as possible after it's been emptied.

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