We collect batteries for recycling every week.

Put your used batteries in a plastic bag, seal the bag and put it on the lid of your bin on collection day. Please do not put it inside your bin. 

Check your collection day

To check your collection day, please use our bin collection day finder.

Batteries you can recycle:

We can accept most batteries including: 

  • AAA, AA, C, D and button cells 
  • Laptop batteries 
  • Mobile phone batteries 

We cannot accept car batteries (or similar). These can be exchanged when you buy a new one. 

If you live in a flat and don't have your own bin to place your batteries on top of, you can recycle your batteries at most supermarkets and DIY stores. You can also bring them to the Council Offices or take them to Hampshire County Council's Household waste recycling centre. 

Storing your batteries safely

  • Keep your batteries somewhere cool, dry and out of direct sunlight
  • Never store damaged or leaking batteries
  • To reduce the risk of short circuiting, cover the contacts on lithium and button cell batteries with sticky tape and remove any trailing wires

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