To commemorate loved ones, we provide books of remembrance at the Aldershot Crematorium.

Refurbishment of the crematorium

We are about to carry out a major refurbishment of the Aldershot Crematorium and this will last until Spring 2025.

All funeral services are now being held at the chapels in Redan Road Cemetery. Cremations are continuing to take place at the crematorium. Our crematorium grounds are still open for visitors, but the hall of remembrance is closed. Our books of remembrance are available online.

Find out more by visiting our Refurbishment of Aldershot Crematorium page.

About the book of remembrance

The books are hand-bound and covered in the finest vellums and the inscriptions added by craftsmen.

There is one book for each quarter of the year and a page of remembrance for each day. You may chose to commemorate the date of death, a birthday or wedding anniversary in the book.

Entries into the book of remembrance start at two lines long. While the crematorium is being refurbished, the books are being held in storage and you won’t be able to access them in-person. Once the works are complete in 2025, we will display them in our newly refurbished facility.

You can also view the book of remembrance online.

If you would like an entry in the book of remembrance, download and print off the Book of Remembrance application form and sent it back to us with the correct payment.

Miniature books, replica and memorial cards

You can also get personal copies of your inscription into the book of remembrance as a miniature book or as replica or memorial cards. These are produced by hand in the same way as the books and are particularly useful to send to relatives and friends who are unable to visit the crematorium.

The miniature books are hand-bound in blue leather and gold blocked on the cover with a rose design. They also contain photos of the books of remembrance and crematorium grounds.

The replica cards show a full copy of the cover of the book of remembrance and the memorial card is white with gilt edging and a gold blocked cross on the front. They both contain a colour photo of book of remembrance.

If you prefer, you can provide us with photos to include in the miniature book or the cards.

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