Our long-term vision sets out the Aldershot and Farnborough that residents, businesses and the council would like to see by 2030.

Rushmoor is a fantastic place to live, work and do business and  Your future, your place - a vision for Aldershot and Farnborough 2030 sets out our aspirations for Aldershot and Farnborough over the next ten years.

We developed it following widespread consultation and engagement with residents, businesses, councillors and local organisations and our Council approved it in July 2019.

The vision sets out six major ambitions for the future of Aldershot and Farnborough, identified as being most important to all. Each ambition also includes details of the things agreed as being key to realising the 2030 vision.

Vision at a glance

  • Vibrant and distinctive town centres
  • Housing for every stage of life
  • Strong communities, proud of our area
  • Healthy and green lifestyles
  • A growing local economy - kind to the environment
  • Opportunities for everyone - quality education and a skilled local workforce

Animation of our vision at a glance

The full vision document

Download and read Your future, your place - a vision for Aldershot and Farnborough 2030

Building the vision

Using information from our 2018 residents' survey, an ambitions workshop with our Cabinet  and a partners' network event, six key themes emerged as those thought to be the most important for Rushmoor and for its residents, businesses and partners.

We asked residents for their views in February and March 2019. Around 1,100 people took part in our consultation, which included an online survey, a range of public drop-in sessions and engagement with local community groups, both face-to-face and using social media.

A key message from our residents, was they want us to focus on issues that matter to them, with the improvement of our town centres, enabling opportunities for high quality education and skilled local jobs top of the list.

Residents liked the ambitious nature of the vision and were keen for us to also include additional areas such as community safety, communications with the community, and the importance of green and environmentally-friendly living for residents.

Residents want our towns to be well-connected, with an emphasis on safer routes for those that want to walk and cycle. They wanted to know more about what we have planned for community spaces and to ensure that green spaces are designed as part of new housing developments.

Above all, we were pleased to hear from a very engaged community, interested in their local area, keen to find out more and to be part of its future.

Bringing the vision to life

Now that we have our shared vision for Aldershot and Farnborough to 2030, we will be using it with our partners to guide future decisions that will help us all to shape Rushmoor's future.

At the council, the vision will link back to everything we do and be part of day-to-day business. The document will work alongside and be reflected in, our Council Plan, so that key decisions and priority work all links back to achieving our vision.

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