Fees and charges for memorials at Aldershot Crematorium 2024/25.

Our bereavement services team can help guide you through your options for a memorial and our fees and charges.  If you would like to speak to a member of the team, please contact us using the contact details on this page.

You can find more details about the memorials we offer on our crematorium memorials page, or please contact us.

Book of Remembrance

First two lines Each additional line Extra cost for illustration
£130 £9 £98

Illustrations can only be included with a five or eight line entry in the Book of Remembrance.

Miniature books, memorial cards and replica cards

The cost of a copy of your inscription in either a miniature book, memorial card or replica card will depend on the size of the entry. Please contact our bereavement services team for more information.

Memorial vaults

  • 20-year period, including plaque - £2,191
  • 30-year period, including plaque - £2,827
  • 50-year period, including plaque - £3,295
  • Additional charge for photograph to be included on plaque - £153

Woodland book

  • Two-year period - £283
  • Five-year period  - £410
  • Ten-year period  - £654

Memorial vase

  • Five-year period - £410
  • Ten-year period  - £654
  • Extra cost for photograph - £153

Floris plaques

(dedicated for a 10-year period)

  • Inscription only - £504
  • Posy holder or emblem - £547
  • Ceramic inset - £622
  • Photograph - £672

Octagonal memorial planter

  • Five-year period - £410
  • Ten-year period - £654

Memorial benches

  • 20-year period -  £1,802
  • Additional plaque for existing memorial bench £212

Roses, trees and shrubs

  • Bush roses (seven year period)  - £523
  • Standard roses, trees & shrubs (seven year period) -  £622
  • Additional cost for black granite plaque, which can have up to five relatives names and an illustration -  £194

You can make payment by credit or debit card in person or by telephone. If you send your application to us, we will contact you so you can make the payment. You can also pay by cheque (made payable to Rushmoor Borough Council and sent to the crematorium with your application(s).

For details of our cemetery fees and charges, see our cemetery fees page.

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