Fees and charges for burials and memorials in Aldershot and Farnborough's cemeteries, 1 April 2023 to 31 March 2024.

These charges are for people who lived in Rushmoor at the time of their death. We charge a double fee for people who lived outside Rushmoor at the time of their death.

Type of grave Cost What the cost covers
(see below)
New double depth grave £5105 2a+1b+1c
New single depth grave £4166 2a+1b
Re-open grave £1932 1b
New cremated remains plot £1846 2c+1d
Re-open cremated remains plot £626 1d

1.Interment fees

Reference Type of interment Fee

For a stillborn child or a child up to the age of eighteen

No charge

1b For a person over 18 years, at a single depth (4 ft 6in) £1932
1c Additional payment for interment at double depth (6ft) £939
1d The burial of cremated remains £626

2. Exclusive right of burial

Reference Type of burial Fee
2a In earthen graves for 30 years £2234
2b Children's graves for 30 years £1037
2c Cremated remains grave £1220

Extension of burial of five years up to 30 years

Extension of cremated remains grave up to 30 years



2e Registering transfer of right of burial or statutory declaration £198

3. Memorials - monuments and kerbstones

For the right to place a monument or kerbstone on a grave which has exclusive right of burial.

Reference Type of memorial Fee
3a Any type of headstone not exceeding 4'0" in height
(Kerbstones must not exceed 6'6" x 2'6" in designated areas)
3b Scrolls, vases or tablets laid horizontally at the head of the grave £383
3c Each additional inscription £170

You can find information about memorials in our cemeteries on our cemetery memorials page.

For details of our crematorium fees and charges, see our crematorium fees page.

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