Our priorities reflect the vision for Aldershot and Farnborough 2030. Find out more.

In July 2019, the council agreed the Your future, your place - a vision for Aldershot and Farnborough 2030. We are working with our partners to help realise the vision and the Cabinet have chosen to reflect the vision in our priorities.

The priorities fit under the two themes of people and place.


Empowering and connecting communities and enabling people to live healthy and sustainable lives to fulfil their aspirations.

  • Strong communities, proud of our area
  • Healthy and green lifestyles
  • Opportunities for everyone – quality education and skilled local workforce

Our people priorities: Strong community, healthy and green lifestyles and opportunities for everyone


Ensuring our towns are family-friendly, safe, vibrant, and sustainable places - now and in the future.

  • Housing for every stage of life
  • Vibrant and distinctive town centres
  • A thriving local economy - kind to the environment

Our place priorities: Housing, vibrant town centres and a thriving local economy

You can find more detailed information about the progress of projects and activities in the council plan on our Council Plan page.


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