We charge for replacement rubbish bins. Find out more.

You will need to pay for a new rubbish bin if yours has been lost or damaged, or you would like to swap it for a different size. The only exception is if our collection crew have confirmed that it has fallen into the back of the lorry. 

Our replacement bins are free for recycling and garden waste. We also don’t charge for replacement outside food waste caddies. 

Our rubbish bins

Our standard-size rubbish bins are 240 litres. We don’t offer anything larger than this. 

We can only empty one rubbish bin at each property. If you have special requirements, and after an audit of your rubbish, we may agree that you can have more than one bin. 

If you would like to have a smaller 140-litre bin instead of a standard 240-litre bin, you can. Please contact our customer services team, using the details below, to order a smaller bin. 

Paying for your new rubbish bin

The prices for replacement rubbish bins from April 2024 are: 

  • 240 litres - £43 
  • 140 litres - £38

Once you have bought your bin, you own it. You are responsible for any replacement, unless it falls into the back of the bin lorry. If you have evidence that your bin was stolen, you could report it to the police and see if this theft is covered by your household contents insurance policy. 

We know bins can sometimes go missing after collection, so please do have a good look around for it and check with neighbours to see if it has been taken by mistake. You should wait at least 24 hours before ordering a new bin, as it may reappear. 

Looking after your bin

So that you can prolong the life of your bin, please make sure you store it out of direct sunlight, where you can, as this can lead to the plastic becoming brittle and over time could crack and be unsuitable for use. It’s always good to check for any damage to the bin. 

Try to make sure that you bring your bin back onto your property as soon as possible after the collection. Your neighbour may be able to help with this if you are away all day. 

Use a permanent marker or paint to clearly write your address on your bin. You can also buy number/road name bin stickers. 

You can also decorate your bin with a bin wrap or stickers so that it is easily identifiable and reduces the risk of a neighbour taking it by mistake. 

If a bin you have bought from us is damaged through a manufacturing defect and you have evidence that you bought it from us in the last 2 years, we will replace it free of charge. 

Other arrangements for your rubbish

We have a legal requirement under Section 46 of the Environmental Protection Act 1990 (EPA) to collect household waste. Section 46 says that the local authority can define the type of container to be used and require the occupier to pay for it. 

We don’t recommend you buying your own rubbish bin from elsewhere, but if you do, it must be the same size (240L) and colour (green) as the standard bin issued by us. The bin must also comply with the required manufacture standard (manufactured and tested to EN840 – DIN30700). We will not empty bins that do not meet these requirements. 

If you do not use an approved rubbish bin, you will have to make your own arrangements for getting rid of your rubbish. For example, you can take your rubbish to one of Hampshire County Council’s household waste recycling centres. 

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