Part of the Wellesley development in Aldershot is covered by an Article 4 direction. This removes some permitted development rights from homes.

On 31 January 2020, we made an immediate Article 4 direction to remove some permitted development rights from properties within part of the new Wellesley development in Aldershot. The affected area has a strong relationship with the Aldershot Military conservation area.

The Article 4 direction introduces additional planning controls, which means that the following works within the boundary of a property now need planning permission:

  • Any works to replace, improve or alter any window
  • The conversion of garages to habitable rooms
  • Making, enlarging, improving or altering a hard surface at the front of a property
  • Erecting, altering or demolishing a gate, wall or fence at the front of a property
  • The installation, alteration or replacement of a microwave antenna on a chimney, wall or roof slope, or within any part of the boundary of the property that faces onto, and is visible from a highway, waterway or open space

The affected properties can be seen in the Article 4 map below. The additional planning controls reflect covenants which affect the properties.

Between 31 January and 13 March 2020, we held a consultation and invited your views to help us decide whether to confirm the direction and make it permanent. We did not receive any comments.

We confirmed the direction on 24 July 2020.

You can find out more information in our Wellesley Article 4 direction guide.

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