If your home has been adapted to meet the needs of a disabled person living there, you may be able to get a discount on your council tax.

The disabled person does not need to be the person who pays the council tax bill, or be over the age of 18. But the disabled person must be a member of the household. 

To qualify for a discount, your home must provide one or more of the following: 

  • A room, other than a bathroom, kitchen or toilet, which is mainly provided to meet the needs of the disabled person 
  • An extra bathroom or kitchen, which is not the only bathroom or kitchen in your home, and which is required to meet the needs of the disabled person 
  • Enough floor space for the use of a wheelchair, which is required to meet the needs of the disabled person 

The definition of meeting the needs of a disabled person means 'it must be essential, or of major importance, to the disabled person's wellbeing in relation to the extent of their disability'. 

These rooms must be used in way that is clearly related to the disability and not just that any person, disabled or not, needs a living room or a bedroom. 

How much discount we offer

We will reduce your council tax bill by one band. For example, if your home is valued in council tax band C, you will pay the council tax for band B. 

If your home is already in band A, we will calculate your council tax bill at 5/9ths of the band D amount. 


Property inspection

After we receive your form, we may need to visit your home and meet the disabled person to confirm the details of the application.  We will contact you to arrange a convenient time for our visit and we will always carry official identification. 

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