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How to report a change in your medical circumstances and/or apply for a medical exemption

You will need to report to us any change in medical circumstances that may affect your fitness or ability to drive (in accordance with the DVLA Group 2 medical standards). In addition if you consider yourself medically or physically unfit to carry out the requirements of a private hire / hackney carriage driver in respect of carriage of assistance dogs or the provision of mobility assistance to passengers, you will need to contact us to ask for an exemption from the duties.

If this happens during your licence term and you are not due a full medical, please provide us with a medical report or letter from your GP or consultant that includes:

  • The background to the illness/injury
  • What investigations and/or tests have been done with results
  • What medication has been prescribed
  • Any other illness or medical history
  • A description of your general health
  • Copies of outpatient letters or hospital discharge summaries

We will refer the information to our medical advisor as appropriate, and then respond to you accordingly.

Taxi trade board

The taxi trade board meets as and when necessary to discuss issues, policy changes and other licensing related items relevant to the taxi trade. It is open to:

  • Members and/or representatives of the taxi trade
  • Representatives of various enforcement authorities
  • Other stakeholders such as the police, highways authority, South West Trains

We publicise dates of taxi trade board meetings on this page. We circulate the minutes to relevant parties; you can also ask us for a copy.

The taxi trade board is for licensing matters only. If you have any other queries, please contact our licensing team using the contact details below.

Taxi licensing policy

We have our taxi licensing policy and guidance which explains how we carry out our taxi licensing functions and responsibilities. This policy has recently changed.

If you are an existing licence holder, you will need to meet any new requirements by 31 March 2024, or by the renewal date of your licence, whichever is sooner.

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