We regularly review our fees and charges for taxi licensing.

These are our current fees. We introduced them on 1 April 2010.


  • Hackney carriage vehicle licence: £200 (lesser term than 12 months pro rata) 
  • Private hire vehicle licence £170 (lesser term than 12 months pro rata)
  • Plate fee - new £31
  • Plate fee - renewal £23
  • Hard plate exemption £10
  • Plate sticking kit £5.87


  • Private hire driver licence (one year) £70
  • Private hire driver licence (three years) £200
  • Restricted private hire driver licence (three years) £165
  • Hackney carriage driver licence (one year): £80
  • Hackney carriage driver licence (three years): £225
  • Combined driver (Hackney carriage and private hire) driver licence (one year) £80
  • Combined driver (Hackney carriage and private hire) driver licence (three years) £225   
  • Knowledge test appointment £35
  • Medical referral to medical advisor £32.46
  • Drugs test where there is a history of drug use £40.69 (if positive for any substance, there will be a medical review fee of £82.69)

Other third party fees will need to be paid to third party suppliers for assessments, training and other submissions carried out by them directly. Please contact them to find out the relevant fee.


  • Private hire operator's licence (one year) £215
  • Private hire operator's licence (three years) £350
  • Private hire operator's licence (five years) £417.50

Other (miscellaneous)

  • Replacement driver/vehicle/operator licence or badge £20

Taxi licensing policy

Please see our taxi licensing policy and guidance document for more information about how we carry out our taxi licensing functions and responsibilities.

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