This evidence includes studies on infrastructure, transport and assessments of open spaces, sports and recreation facilities in Rushmoor.

Rushmoor Infrastructure Plan

The purpose of the Rushmoor Infrastructure Plan is to provide background evidence on the key elements of physical and social infrastructure likely to be needed in the borough up to 2032 to support delivery of the Rushmoor Local Plan. 

We will keep the plan as a 'live' document, seeking, with our partners, to keep it as up-to-date as possible.

Hampshire Strategic Infrastructure Statement

The Hampshire Strategic Infrastructure Statement is a position statement, or 'snapshot' of the infrastructure requirements that Hampshire County Council and its partners have identified, shown for each of the Hampshire boroughs and districts

Rushmoor Local Plan Transport Assessment (2018)

With our consultants, Systra, we consulted with Hampshire County Council, as the local highway authority and as part of the duty to co-operate, on the preparation of a strategic-level transport assessment. The purpose of the transport assessment is to inform and guide both the Rushmoor Local Plan and the supporting infrastructure plan.

Open Space, Sport and Recreation Study (2015)

The Rushmoor Open space, sport and recreation study (2015) with appendices assesses the quality, quantity and accessibility of existing provision for sport, physical activity and amenity.  It provides the detailed evidence base for a strategy to protect and improve open space, sport and recreation facilities.

Playing Pitch Strategy (2014)

The Playing Pitch Strategy (2014) assesses current playing pitch provision across Aldershot and Farnborough and makes recommendations on future playing pitch needs, including a site specific action plan.

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