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Landlords have a responsibility to tell our benefits team of any changes they know will affect their tenant's benefits, for example a change of address.

It is the tenant's responsibility to tell us of any changes in their circumstances.

Direct payments to landlords

We can pay housing benefit directly to a landlord if the tenant is:

  • Vulnerable and can't manage their financial affairs
  • Unlikely to pay their rent and have got into arrears before
  • In rent arrears of eight weeks or more (the eight-week arrears period takes into account an advance payment, if this is part of the tenancy agreement)
  • If the rent is equal to or less than the local housing allowance (LHA) rate

Our vulnerability policy and procedure tells you how we make a decision to pay the landlord where someone is vulnerable. The tenant will need to complete a direct payment application form and give us supporting evidence about their needs so we can decide whether to pay the landlord directly.

If the tenant is in arrears

If the tenant is in arrears, we need evidence of the amount paid to the landlord - we would need to see a statement of amounts due and what has actually been paid. You can email this to our benefits team using the contact details on this page.

The team will check to see if there is a claim in payment, and change payment direct to the landlord. We will send a notification letter to both tenant and landlord to inform them of this change.

There are many reasons why someone cannot manage their money and paying the landlord may only be a short term arrangement. There are a number of local advice agencies that may be able to offer support.

Payment schedules

We pay landlords directly in four-week cycles. Below is our schedule for 2023/24.

Period payment covers from Period payment covers to Date payment will reach bank account
03 April 2023 30 April 2023 03 May 2023
01 May 2023 28 May 2023 31 May 2023
29 May 2023 25 June 2023 28 June 2023
26 June 2023 23 July 2023 26 July 2023
24 July 2023 20 August 2023 23 August 2023
21 August 2023 17 September 2023 20 September 2023
18 September 2023 15 October 2023 18 October 2023
16 October 2023 12 November 2023 15 November 2023
13 November 2023 10 December 2023 13 December 2023
11 December 2023 07 January 2024 10 January 2024
08 January 2024 04 February 2024 07 February 2024
05 February 2024 03 March 2024 06 March 2024
04 March 2024 31 March 2024 03 April 2024

The above table of payments to landlords for 2023/24 is also available in Nepali.

We will send you a statement for each payment made, showing the amount of benefit and the name and address of the tenant.

If you would like us to email your schedule of payments, you can email or telephone us to ask for this.

If you are receiving housing benefit for more than one tenant, the statement will list the tenants separately. We recommend that you keep this statement for your records.

You will also receive a separate notification of housing benefit entitlement for each tenant whose housing benefit we are paying directly to you. This will show the date housing benefit entitlement started and the weekly amount granted. Your tenant receives a similar, but more detailed, notification.

Change of bank details

If you change your bank details, tell us as soon as possible in a letter, or email us using the contact details below.

Landlords' forum

We hold a landlords' forum once a year, to update on housing issues, new benefits legislation, current workloads and answer general questions on the housing benefit service.

The Rent Service

The Rent Service is now part of the Valuation Office Agency. Its work mainly centres on the private rented housing sector in England.

The main function of The Rent Service is to set LHA rates using market evidence gathered from the area and information submitted by landlords and letting agents.

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