Planning obligations allow us to secure infrastructure from developments in the local area.

Planning obligations

We use planning obligations to make development acceptable in planning terms. Examples of planning obligations that we typically seek:

Type of planning obligation Further information
Special Protection Area (SPA) mitigation Thames Basin Heaths Special Protection Area
Affordable housing New affordable housing in Rushmoor
Transport improvements Transport contributions SPD
Open space Open Space - Cabinet report agreeing developer contributions

Our current charges are available on our Financial contributions for open space page

Charges will increase annually on the 1 April by the Retail Price Index (RPI)

Infrastructure Funding Statement

In September 2019, the government introduced regulations that require us to produce an annual Infrastructure Funding Statement (IFS). The statement sets out details about Section 106 planning obligation receipts and projects, and identifies infrastructure that has or will be provided using this funding.

Copies of our IFS for the last four monitoring years are available below:

Future versions of the IFS will be published annually by 31 December.

Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL)

The Community Infrastructure Levy is a levy that councils can choose to charge on new development to raise funds to provide infrastructure based on a charge per square metre (sqm) on new floorspace created.

We have not introduced a level because of the following concerns:

  • The difficulties of funding Special Protection Area (SPA) mitigation measure though the Community Infrastructure Levy
  • Anticipated income levels are likely to be lower than income received through Section 106
  • Resource requirements to implement the Community Infrastructure Levy

In 2014, our Cabinet agreed to delay the introduction of Community Infrastructure Levy charging. Since then, there have been a number of government consultations on the levy, including some substantial changes proposed in the Planning for the Future White Paper. We are keeping this position under review.

You can find out more information about planning obligations and the Community Infrastructure Levy in the Government planning practice guidance (NPPG) document.

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