Bin collections

Check your rubbish and recycling collection days in Aldershot and Farnborough or report a missed bin.

No change to your rubbish and recycling collections No change to your Easter bin collections

Our bin crews are working on Good Friday, 19 April and Easter Monday, 22 April. So there will be no changes to your usual rubbish and recycling collections.

If your bin is normally collected on a Friday, we'll still collect it on Good Friday, 19 April, and if Monday is your normal collection day, we will empty it on Easter Monday, 22 April.

Check your collection day and download a copy of your bin collection calendar

To check your rubbish and recycling collection days, please enter your postcode or street name below.

You can also download a copy of your rubbish and recycling collection calendar, using this feature.


Report a missed bin collection

Please complete our missed bin collection form below, if your bin has not been emptied on your collection day.

Report a missed bin

Information about your collections

We collect rubbish in one vehicle and recycling and glass in separate sections of another vehicle.

Frequency of collections

  • We empty your green rubbish bin once a week
  • We empty your blue recycling bin and glass container once a fortnight. To find out what you can and can't recycle, please see our What to put in your blue recycling bin page. For details of glass recycling, see our Glass recycling page
  • If you have joined our garden waste recycling service, we will collect your bin or bags every fortnight. This will be on the same day as your rubbish bin collection, but  on the week we do not collect your recycling.  For more information about garden waste collections, please see our garden waste recycling service pages

Timing of collections

  • Collections usually start at 7am in most roads and are usually finished by mid-afternoon.  
  • Please put out your bins and glass containers at the edge of your property (by the footpath, if applicable) before 7am on your collection day, or the night before
  • For safety reasons, collections start earlier in these roads:
    - Fleet Road, Farnborough - 6.30am
    - Victoria Road, Farnborough - 6am
    - Ash Road, Aldershot - 6.30am
    - Lower Farnham Road, Aldershot - 6am
    - North Lane, Aldershot - 6.15am

Please make sure your bins and glass containers are ready for collection, before these times

How to get the best out of the rubbish and recycling service

  • We have a 'no excess waste' policy. This means we will not collect extra rubbish left by your rubbish bin. Please make sure your bin lid is closed
  • Please see our what you can put in your blue recycling bin page to make sure that you are recycling everything that you can
  • Please do not put any garden waste in your green or blue bins.  You can compost garden waste at home, take it to your local household waste recycling centre or you can join our garden waste recycling service

Information about your bins

  • We issue 140-litre rubbish bins as standard and all new and replacement bins are this size
  • If you have a large family or exceptional circumstances, we may be able to give you a larger bin
  • There are three different sizes of recycling bin, so if you regularly have extra recycling and feel that your bin is not big enough, you can order a larger one for free if you complete our order a larger recycling bin or a glass collection box form below
  • You can also contact us if your bin is damaged and you need a new one

Order a larger recycling bin or a glass collection box

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    1. We use your views to improve our website. If you have a query about our services, please email

    1. We use your views to improve our website. If you have a query about our services, please email


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