The constitution explains how the council makes its decisions and who is responsible for those decisions.

Our constitution is also used to help enable council business and support public involvement in the process of local decision-making. 

We are updating the full constitution document, but you can still read through the separate sections below.

Part 1 - Summary and explanation

A brief summary of what is contained in the constitution and its definitions.

Part 2 - The constitution and how the council operates

Introducing the main parts of political governance at the council and how the council works.

Part 3 - Responsibility for functions

Explaining who within the council has responsibility to exercise various powers and duties. You can also find the terms of reference for the member level bodies, committees and panels.

Part 4 - Council procedure rules

Setting out the rules and procedures to be followed by the council to ensure that its decisions and actions are legal, financially sound and carried out in accordance with policy frameworks.

Part 5 - Codes and protocols

These are the codes and protocols for members and officers to follow.

Part 6 - Members' allowances scheme

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