Farnborough Hill Conservation Area is an area designated as having special architectural or historic interest, the character of which it is desirable to preserve and enhance.

The conservation area was first designated in 1977 and then reviewed in 1989.

There is currently no adopted character appraisal and management plan supporting this designation or boundary

The Rushmoor Local Plan commits us to reviewing all of Rushmoor's conservation areas.

As part of this, we proposed in late 2021 to split Farnborough Street and parts of Rectory Road, Ship Lane and Highgate Lane from the conservation area to create a new Farnborough Street conservation area.

The Cabinet agreed to the split in November 2022, which means that the boundary of the Farnborough Hill conservation area will be changed so that it includes only Farnborough Hill School and its grounds.

Before any changes can take effect, we have to consult on the proposed boundary for the new Farnborough Street conservation area.  We therefore consulted on an updated draft conservation area appraisal and management plan for the proposed Farnborough Street conservation area between 29 August and 10 October 2023.  We will now review all the responses received before deciding whether the document should be adopted or if any changes are needed.

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