What to do if you are from abroad and need housing or if you want to bring a relative from abroad to live with you.

If you are from abroad

If you are from abroad and you are not entitled to receive public funds, we will not be able to consider you for social housing.

We can, however, offer advice to help you find somewhere to live. For more information, please see the options on our looking for a home page.

If you are homeless and have no money, you should contact Hampshire County Council's social care team immediately.

Bringing a relative to live from abroad - immigration inspections

If you want to bring a relative from abroad to live with you, we need to inspect your home to make sure it is a suitable place to live.

Cost of an inspection

The charge for the inspection and report is £236.40 (£197 plus vat). You must pay this before we arrange a visit.

Apply for an inspection

What happens at the inspection

The visit will take about an hour and we will need to see the whole house.

We will then produce a report and our recommendations, which we will send to you to pass onto the embassy dealing with your case. The whole process takes about two weeks.

For more information on the immigration inspections we carry out, please contact our Private Sector Housing team using the contact details on this page.

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