We are refurbishing our tennis courts in Aldershot and Farnborough with brand new surfacing, paintwork, nets and secure fencing.

Tennis courts in Farnborough

The tennis courts in Farnborough (at Cove Green and Rectory Road) are closed while we refurbish them. The new courts will be opening later this summer.

Tennis courts in Aldershot

The fencing at Manor Park has recently been upgraded, with further improvements to the courts happening later this summer.


How the courts will be managed

When they reopen, we will have an operator who will look after the management and booking of the courts. We aim to have all this in place when the courts open again.

There will be pay as you play bookings, annual household memberships, as well as concessionary prices and some free tennis opportunities.

When you can book a court, we will include more information on this page.

Free tennis sessions

Once the courts are available again, free tennis sessions will be made available for all ages and abilities. Equipment will also be provided for anyone who needs it.

Working with the LTA

We have worked with the LTA to invest in our new tennis courts, as part of their project to invest in tennis courts across the country. The money for the refurbishment has come from the government and LTA Tennis Foundation’s Park Tennis Project.


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