Farnborough civic quarter masterplan supplementary planning document

Find out about our masterplan for the Farnborough civic quarter.

The  pdf icon Farnborough civic quarter masterplan supplementary document (SPD) [9Mb] seeks to bring forward the aspirations of the Farnborough town centre SPD (adopted 2007) in creating a masterplan for the civic quarter area of the town. This covers the existing library, leisure centre, police station (now vacant), the community centre and Westmead House.

The civic quarter has potential for development that integrates more effectively with the town centre and brings wider strategic benefits, while improving the green space, leisure, community and cultural facilities.

The principal objectives of the masterplan are to:

  • Create a mixed-use development that provides a positive contribution to the revitalisation of Farnborough town centre, including the re-provision of existing community uses
  • Deliver a form of development based on the principles of sustainability
  • Provide a framework for a viable and vibrant mixture of land uses suited to a civic quarter
  • Create a strong new identity
  • Encourage quality throughout and suggest a means of achieving some degree of local distinctiveness
  • Improve accessibility and permeability between Farnborough town centre and Farnborough Business Park to capitalise upon potential lunchtime trade

The masterplan SPD also places major emphasis on phasing and implementation to ensure that the vision is deliverable.

Incorporating your views into the Farnborough civic quarter masterplan SPD

We consulted on the draft masterplan SPD for six weeks between February and March 2015. We received a total of 130 responses from individuals and organisations. The key changes to the SPD document as a result of the consultation are summarised below:

  • Include an option in the masterplan which retains the Elles Hall building
  • Retain a water feature in the green space and add detail about the design of this space
  • Strengthen reference to cycling and walking routes and include a plan explicitly illustrating these new and improved routes
  • Strengthen reference to the continuity of services including the library, leisure centre and community space

Our Cabinet considered a revised version of the masterplan SPD in June and resolved that it should be adopted.

Strategic environmental assessment

The council, in consultation with the Environment Agency, English Heritage and Natural England, decided that under Regulation 9 of the Environmental Assessment of Plans and Programmes Regulations 2004, a strategic environmental assessment (SEA) was not needed for the Farnborough civic quarter masterplan SPD.  It was also agreed that a habitats regulations assessment (HRA) was not required.

For details, see the pdf icon Strategic environmental assessment/habitats regulation assessment screening determination [723kb] document.

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    1. We use your views to improve our website. If you have a query about our services, please email customerservices@rushmoor.gov.uk.


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