Ward grant scheme

Find out how you can apply for a grant to support projects benefiting your local community.

You can use a ward grant for one-off projects, equipment or resources that will provide a benefit to the local community and achieve your local objectives. 

You cannot use the grant for projects that already exist or for general running costs of your organisation. 

Councillors in each ward are encouraged support a variety of groups and projects. For the 2021/22 financial year, each ward in Rushmoor has a budget of £3,000 to award under this scheme. The minimum grant is £50. 

You can check the pdf icon Ward grants - funding available per ward [99kb] document to see the amount of funding available in each ward's budget. This document will be updated monthly once grants have been awarded. 

Find information about your ward

To find out in which ward your organisation is based and who your ward councillors are, visit our Polling stations and wards page where you can enter your postcode or click on the interactive map.

Grant awards

You can view our pdf icon Ward grant awards 2021/22 [106kb] document for details of the grants we have recently awarded. Details of grants awarded in previous years can be found under related documents on this page.

When you can apply for a ward grant 

You can apply for a grant on this page up to 28 February 2022 or until each ward's budget has been used up, whichever is first.  

Who can apply for a ward grant 

  • Voluntary groups, not-for-profit organisations, schools (in relation to their wider community role) and groups that operate purely for the benefit of the community 
  • Ward councillors (where there is no external sponsoring organisation) 

What we can fund

Applications for funding must be for specific projects or events and cannot be used for projects that already exist or towards general running costs of the organisation - sustainability of each supported project will be encouraged wherever possible. 

Projects must have a connection or benefit the ward that is being applied to.  In some instances, a project may cover or benefit more than one ward.  In this circumstance multiple ward funding will be considered. 

What we are unable to fund 

  • Core running costs or salaries 
  • The same project year on year 
  • Funding that will benefit an individual 
  • Projects which relate solely to religious purposes 
  • Political activities or lobby groups 

The timescales

  • Applications can be made at any time until 28 February 2022 via the online application form  
  • Decisions will be made monthly
  • The outcome of applications will be emailed within two months of the application being submitted 
  • Successful applicants must deliver the project within six months of the award  
  • A feedback report is due within one month of the grant payment

Funding conditions

  • Projects must not be retrospective.  Organisations should not commit themselves to a project or any spending before any final decision is made (see timescales above) 
  • All applications must support the council's key corporate priorities - people, place, partnerships and match at least one of the following criteria: 
    • Physical or mental health 
    • Economic hardship (including increased debt) 
    • Young people (opportunities and aspirations) 
    • Connecting communities (engagement, digital divide and loneliness) 
    • Climate change 
  • All projects must be supported by at least two councillors from the ward(s) applied to - you should contact your ward councillor(s) to inform them of the project that you are proposing and also to seek their endorsement before making your application.
  • Only one councillor-led project per ward is permitted in any financial year and must be fully scoped before the application form is completed and is subject to no additional costs to the council  
  • Projects must be delivered within six months from the date of the award letter - if the grant has not been spent within this time, the grant will be reconsidered and may need to be reapplied for 
  • Only one grant will be made from this grant scheme for a project in any financial year
  • Any previous projects funded from the scheme must be completed before another application from the organisation can be made
  • Support to a variety of groups within each ward is encouraged and where an organisation received a grant from this scheme in the previous financial year, they may not be considered for an award during this round 
  • Payment will be made in arrears by BACS once evidence that costs have been incurred have been provided (these must not pre-date the award of the grant)  
  • Successful applicants will be required to complete a feedback form within one month of receiving the funding - failure to provide a feedback report will result in any future funding applications made to Rushmoor Borough Council being rejected until adequate feedback is received 
  • Any changes to successful projects must be put in writing to the council before any funding is committed to the project

Information to be provided with your application 

  • A copy of the organisation's latest audited/independently checked accounts or, if you are a new group, a projected budget for the first year together with a bank statement  
  • Written quotes for the items/services to be purchased 

Examples of suitable projects 

  • Community defibrillators 
  • Equipment for community groups/sports clubs 
  • Physical or mental health events for residents eg health and wellbeing walks, cycle rides, 'give it a try' sport events  
  • Events to reduce isolation and loneliness or to engage and inspire young people 
  • Materials for environmental or recycling projects eg bird/bat boxes, bug hotels, planting schemes, water butts  
  • Projects that support the pdf icon Supporting Communities Strategy and Action Plan [326kb] and climate change action plans 

How to apply

  1. Check that your project meets the aims of the scheme listed above
  2. Read the pdf icon guidance notes [197kb] before you start your application - these include the application questions  
  3. Contact your ward councillors to discuss whether they support the project in principle - you will need the support of at least two of the councillors
  4. Complete the word icon Ward grants application form [195kb] and submit with the supporting documents listed above or email them to the email address on this page

Your project should not start until you receive confirmation of the grant. You should allow up to two months from submitting your application to receiving confirmation of the grant award.

The deadline for applications is 28 February 2022.

If you would like to discuss an application before submitting to the fund, please contact us using the details on this page. 

What happens once you've applied

We will contact you to let you know we've received your application.

We will check your application form, along with the enclosed documents, to see if it is complete. 

If your application is not complete, we will ask you for the missing information. We may also contact you for additional information. This may delay the decision on your application.

If you don't complete the forms fully or you fail to provide additional information, we will not consider your application for a grant.

Each month, applications received will be sent to the ward councillors for them to confirm which applications will receive funding and how much.

All successful applications will be endorsed by the Portfolio Holder for Democracy, Strategy and Partnerships.

What happens if you're successful

If your application is successful you will receive confirmation of the award within two months of submitting it and a request for your organisation's bank details.

Payment of the grant will be made in arrears on receipt of evidence that costs have been incurred (eg receipts).

In exceptional circumstances, and at our discretion, we may pay the funding before you incur costs. It will be up to you to ask us to consider this within a month of receiving confirmation of the grant award.

The funding must be spent within six months of being awarded. If not, the grant will be reconsidered and may need to be reapplied for.

You must only use the grant for the purpose you applied for. We will only release funding for the agreed elements as stated on the application form.

Within one month of payment of the grant, you will have to give us a short report. To help with this, we will provide you with a feedback form template.

Details of successful grants will be recorded and published on the council website.

Help for your project

If your project involves young people aged between one and 25 years, Community Matters Partnership (CMPP) may be able to provide volunteers to help carry out your project. CMPP's Community Action Days are aimed at supporting local schools, youth groups, charities, colleges and not-for-profit organisations that work with young people in and around Rushmoor.

For more information or for an informal chat, please email hello@cmpp.org.uk or register your interest through the CMPP Community Action Day application form.

Another source of funding 

Rushmoor Community Lottery is an alternative way of regular fundraising.  For more information visit our Rushmoor Community Lottery page.

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    1. We use your views to improve our website. If you have a query about our services, please email customerservices@rushmoor.gov.uk.

    1. We use your views to improve our website. If you have a query about our services, please email customerservices@rushmoor.gov.uk.


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