For every take-off or landing at Farnborough airport, the community environmental fund receives money to help support local projects.

The airport pays a levy of £2 for every take-off or landing, or £5 if the aircraft is a Boeing business jet or an Airbus A310 corporate jet.

For movements in 2021 we received £53,108. This money goes into the Farnborough airport community environmental fund, which we manage.

There is currently £50,609 available for allocation.

Applications are considered monthly until the funding runs out. 

Please note, organisations will only be awarded one council grant in a financial year (a community, ward or Farnborough airport community environmental fund grant) (financial year runs April to March). 

Projects the environmental fund has already supported

The type of projects the fund has already supported include pond improvements, canal towpath upgrades, improvements to open spaces, gardening clubs, wildlife projects, new cycle ways and cycle projects, outdoor activities, music events, and play equipment.

The fund is not generally available for buildings. To find out if funding is available for your building, please email our community development team using the contact details on this page. You should include details of your project and why you need funding.

Please see below to view details of the grants we've awarded from this fund:

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