The total amount we awarded for this grant in 2023 was £80,902.

Date grant awarded Beneficiary Beneficiary's registration number Summary purpose of grant Amount Time period grant for Department awarding grant
1/10/2023 Cove Cricket Club n/a Outdoor practice net facility £9,500 1/13/2024 Assistance Chief Executive
3/8/2023 The Source Young People's Charity 1112691 Bikes for Good Project £6,750 12/31/2023 Assistance Chief Executive
3/8/2023 The Species Recovery Trust 1146387 Marsh Clubmoss in the South-east of England  £4,500 12/31/2023 Assistance Chief Executive
4/18/2023 Community Matters Partnership Project 1183467 Equipment for corporate volunteering days £2,000 10/31/2023 Assistance Chief Executive
4/18/2023 Alderwood Secondary School n/a Bus shelter project £8,792 12/31/2023 Assistance Chief Executive
4/18/2023 Head2Head Theatre 1161873 Action Planet immersive learning experience in Farnborough £5,338 10/31/2023 Assistance Chief Executive
5/2/2023 Prospect Estate Big Local n/a Water Lane playground £15,000 12/31/2023 Assistance Chief Executive
6/8/2023 Blackwater Valley Countryside Trust 1109424 Urban tree planting for a resilient natural environment £26,180 3/25/2025 Assistance Chief Executive
7/6/2023 Mayfield Community Partnership n/a Hawley Community Garden Harvest festival £720 12/31/2023 Assistance Chief Executive
18/08/2023 Community Grub Hub CIC n/a Outdoor food sanctuary £2,122 3/31/2024 Assistance Chief Executive

Please visit our Farnborough airport grant scheme page for more information.

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