Find out about light pollution and what to do if it causes a nuisance.

Light pollution is artificial light that falls outside the area it needs to light up. It becomes light nuisance when it falls into someone's property more than it should.

We can only help in cases of light nuisance.

Sources of light nuisance

  • Commercial security lights
  • Car park floodlighting
  •  Advertising and signage lighting
  •  Building and landscape lighting

There are some sources of light nuisance that we cannot deal with formally. These include rail and bus stations and armed forces facilities. In these cases, we can still approach them informally.

Solving light nuisance problems yourself

Often, you may be able to sort the problem for yourself by making a friendly approach to the person responsible. We can advise you on this.

When light legally becomes a nuisance

Generally, light is a nuisance that we can deal with legally if it has a negative effect on you or your enjoyment of your home. The light would also have to be persistent and regular, rather than a one-off occasion.

Light nuisance is often caused by security lighting and often simple actions, such as changing the direction of the light, altering the motion detectors, or timers can solve the problem.

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