Find planning applications and comment on them; look at past planning appeals and decisions.

What information you can see

  • Current planning applications
  • Past planning decisions
  • Planning appeals

How to search for a planning application

You can search online for a planning application by:

  • Application number
  • Street name
  • Electoral ward
  • Postcode
  • Date range
  • Key word

You can also search using the interactive map or you can use the advanced search function.

Planning applications weekly list

Each week, we publish a list of planning applications we have recently received for development proposals in Aldershot and Farnborough.

The list contains all planning applications that became valid in the previous 14 days. We publish it to keep you informed and to give you the opportunity to comment.

You can view our most recent list on our planning applications weekly list page.

Pending planning applications (known as the Part 1 register)

We also produce a list summarising all pending planning applications:

Visit our planning application search for more details on each of the applications.

Comment on a planning application

By choosing to comment and take part in the planning process, you are agreeing to the statements and considerations below and accept legal responsibility for your comments. The council accepts no liability for the nature or content of the comments made and we do not monitor the website.

To comment, use the online planning application search to look for the application you would like to comment on and click the 'Submit Comments' button. It will tell you if you can submit a comment or not - you can only comment on the details of a current application.

You will need to fill out the online form. Once you have submitted the form, it goes direct to our Planning team.

You will also receive a confirmation email.

For more advice, see our how to comment on a planning application page.

Your comment, or an extract from your comment, could be published by a third party, such as a local newspaper or social media.

Comments to avoid

Please do not include  your email address or signature in  the text and please do not provide any personal information about yourself or any other person.

Racist, defamatory, offensive or abusive comments are not helpful to the planning process and you could face action by the police or people affected by such comments.

Tracking applications and saving searches

If you register your details, you will be able to track applications, save searches and receive email notifications about them. We will only use your details to alert you about tracked applications and saved searches.

Planning information records

Our records go back to 1988. There are also some details of earlier planning permissions, but these are not complete.

The information on our website is also not a complete database of all the planning information we hold.

This means you should not rely on this site as an alternative to traditional searches if it is essential that you have the complete information.

Although we take great care to make sure the information provided is accurate, we cannot accept any liability if you rely completely on the information we provide and find it was incorrect.

If you suspect that any information is incorrect, please contact us immediately.

Copyright notice

Copyright laws protect the plans, drawings and material submitted to us.

You must only use this material for consultation purposes; to compare current applications with previous schemes and to check if developments have been completed according to approved plans.

You must not make further copies without first getting the permission of the copyright owner.

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