Find out how we decide planning applications in Aldershot and Farnborough.

We decide planning applications in two ways:

  • If it is a straightforward, small-scale application, our Head of Planning will make the decision under our Scheme of Delegation.
  • If it is a more complex and potentially controversial application our Development Management Committee meetings will decide. This could be an application that we consider likely to result in significant impact; one which may have attracted a number of material objections; or an application that conflicts with our planning policies

Commenting on a planning application

We encourage people to comment on planning applications, as want to know your views. For more information on how to do this, please see our how to comment on a planning application page.

Speaking at Development Management Committee meetings

If you want to speak directly to the Development Management Committee about a particular planning application, you may be able to do so. For more details, please see our speaking at Development Management Committee meetings page.

Site visits by the Development Management Committee

Sometimes, our Development Management Committee wants to a visit a site before making a decision on a planning application. You can find out more about these visits on our site visits by the Development Management Committee page.

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