Our charges for advice, research and information and for copying planning documents.

Advice on obligations in legal agreements

  • First obligation - £280 to check the file
  • Each obligation after that - £45
  • Carry out site visit - £280

All prices are exclusive of VAT.

General research enquiries

  • Zoning - £65
  • Listed building - £65
  • Conservation area - £65
  • Tree Preservation Order - £65
  • Planning or building regulation history - £220
  • Permitted planning use - £375

All prices are exclusive of VAT.

Information on other developments in the surrounding area

  • Site specific - £220
  • Site specific (including land and specifying its uses) - £280
  • General (non-specific or covering a wide area). We do not provide this service
  • Informal confirmation of whether planning permission or building regulation approval is required for a development that has already been carried out - £300

Photocopying and microfiche charges

  • Residents can get the first five A4 and A3 photocopies for free. After that, we will charge you If you need photocopies, please contact our Customer Services team using the contact details below
  • We charge the same for copying microfiche plans as our general photocopying charges.
  • If you want more than ten copies of microfiche plans bigger than A3, we will send them to an external microfiche agency. If we do this, we will charge you an administration fee and the external agent's fee. We will agree the cost with you before we send the work out

If you have any queries on our fees, please contact our Planning team using the contact details below.

Paper size (per copy) Cost
A4 25p
A3 60p
A2 £12
A1 £20
A0 £35
Microfiche up to A3 (No photos) As above
Microfiche over A3

As above

If you want more than ten copies,
we will send them to an external microfiche
agency and also charge
you an administration fee.

Decision notices and appeal

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