What you need to know about conservation areas and listed buildings and heritage assets in Aldershot and Farnborough.

About listed buildings

There are two types of listing - national listing and local listing. You can check if your building is nationally listed on our nationally listed buildings page.

Locally listed buildings

A locally listed building is a building, structure or feature which the Secretary of State has not listed for its national importance, but which we feel is of local importance because of its architectural, historical or environmental significance.

We add buildings to our local list in recognition of their value as irreplaceable historic assets, which contribute to the quality of the local environment by improving the street scene and keeping a sense of distinctiveness.

Check if your home is a locally listed building

You can check if your property is locally listed by using our interactive map or by viewing the Local List.

We also have a Locally Listed Heritage Assets SPD with more information on the criteria for identifying buildings and structures of local importance and the procedure for adding them to our Local List

Planning controls for locally listed buildings

You do not have to apply for listed building consent if you want to carry out work to a locally listed building.

The usual planning controls apply, but we will consider the special interest of these buildings when we decide planning applications for them.


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