Search our interactive map for conservation areas, listed buildings and heritage assets within Aldershot and Farnborough.

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To find information on the listed buildings and heritage assets, please type the name of the building, or the road where it is in the search box below. You can also use the zoom and then select the point on the map to find further information.

LL5001 - 15 Albert Road,Aldershot,Hampshire,GU11 1SZ

Reference: 12/00001/BLI
View the survey for LL5001

LL5002 - Lamp Standard,Ayling Lane,Aldershot,Hampshire

Reference: 12/00002/BLI
View the survey for LL5002

LL5003 - Alexandra Hotel,Barrack Road,Aldershot,Hampshire,GU11 3NP

Reference: 12/00003/BLI
View the survey for LL5003

LL5006 - Technical Store OMA003,St Omer Barracks,Alisons Road,Aldershot,Hampshire

Reference: 12/00006/BLI
View the survey for LL5006

LL5007 - The Red Lion,2 Ash Road,Aldershot,Hampshire,GU12 4EZ

Reference: 12/00007/BLI
View the survey for LL5007

LL5008 - Imperial House,2 Grosvenor Road,Aldershot,Hampshire,GU11 1DP

Reference: 12/00008/BLI
View the survey for LL5008

LL5009 - Wesley Hall,Barrack Road,Aldershot,Hampshire,GU11 3NP

Reference: 12/00009/BLI
View the survey for LL5009

LL5010 - Boundary Wall At,33 - 39 Brighton Road,Aldershot,Hampshire

Reference: 12/00010/BLI
View the survey for LL5010

LL5011 - Grasmere House,33 Cargate Avenue,Aldershot,Hampshire,GU11 3EW

Reference: 12/00011/BLI
View the survey for LL5011

LL5012 - 24 Cargate Avenue,Aldershot,Hampshire,GU11 3EW

Reference: 12/00012/BLI
View the survey for LL5012

LL5013 - 27 Cargate Avenue,Aldershot,Hampshire,GU11 3EW

Reference: 12/00013/BLI
View the survey for LL5013

LL5014 - 29 - 31 Cargate Avenue,Aldershot,Hampshire

Reference: 12/00014/BLI
View the survey for LL5014

LL5015 - The Beeches,30 Cargate Avenue,Aldershot,Hampshire,GU11 3EW

Reference: 12/00015/BLI
View the survey for LL5015

LL5016 - Former Stables And Outbuildings,Cavendish Mews,Aldershot,Hampshire

Reference: 12/00016/BLI
View the survey for LL5016

LL5017 - Cricket Pavilion,Queens Avenue,Aldershot,Hampshire

Reference: 12/00017/BLI
View the survey for LL5017

LL5018 - Wavell House,Cavans Road,Aldershot,Hampshire,GU11 2LQ

Reference: 12/00018/BLI
View the survey for LL5018

LL5019 - Glebe House,110 Church Lane East,Aldershot,Hampshire,GU11 3HN

Reference: 12/00019/BLI
View the survey for LL5019

LL5020 - Lych Gate,St Michaels Church,Church Lane East,Aldershot,Hampshire

Reference: 12/00020/BLI
View the survey for LL5020

LL5021 - Ayling Barn,77 Church Lane West,Aldershot,Hampshire,GU11 3LW

Reference: 12/00021/BLI
View the survey for LL5021

LL5022 - 73 - 75 Cranmore Lane,Aldershot,Hampshire

Reference: 12/00022/BLI
View the survey for LL5022

LL5023 - 91 - 93 Cranmore Lane,Aldershot,Hampshire

Reference: 12/00023/BLI
View the survey for LL5023

LL5024 - Officers Mess,New Normandy Barracks,Evelyn Woods Road,Aldershot,Hampshire,GU11 2LZ

Reference: 12/00024/BLI
View the survey for LL5024

LL5025 - Masonic Hall,Edward Street,Aldershot,Hampshire,GU11 3DR

Reference: 12/00025/BLI
View the survey for LL5025

LL5026 - 3 Eggars Hill,Aldershot,Hampshire,GU11 3NH

Reference: 12/00026/BLI
View the survey for LL5026

LL5027 - Boundary Wall,3 Eggars Hill,Aldershot,Hampshire

Reference: 12/00027/BLI
View the survey for LL5027

LL5029 - Gates To Former Royal Pavilion,Farnborough Road,Aldershot,Hampshire

Reference: 12/00029/BLI
View the survey for LL5029

LL5030 - Blandford House,5 Farnborough Road,Aldershot,Hampshire,GU11 2HA

Reference: 12/00030/BLI
View the survey for LL5030

LL5031 - Grooms Quarters,1 Farnborough Road,Aldershot,Hampshire,GU11 2EX

Reference: 12/00031/BLI
View the survey for LL5031

LL5032 - Basingstoke Canal Bridge,Farnborough Road,Aldershot,Hampshire

Reference: 12/00032/BLI
View the survey for LL5032

LL5033 - Gates,Royal Garrison Church Of All Saints,Farnborough Road,Aldershot,Hampshire

Reference: 12/00033/BLI
View the survey for LL5033

LL5034 - Guardhouse,Government House,9 Farnborough Road,Aldershot,Hampshire

Reference: 12/00034/BLI
View the survey for LL5034

LL5035 - Kitchen Garden Wall,Government House,9 Farnborough Road,Aldershot,Hampshire

Reference: 12/00035/BLI
View the survey for LL5035

LL5036 - Blandford Cottage,7 Farnborough Road,Aldershot,Hampshire,GU11 2EX

Reference: 12/00036/BLI
View the survey for LL5036

LL5037 - 13 Farnborough Road,Aldershot,Hampshire,GU11 2HD

Reference: 12/00037/BLI
View the survey for LL5037

LL5038 - Vine Cottage,3 Farnborough Road,Aldershot,Hampshire,GU11 2EX

Reference: 12/00038/BLI
View the survey for LL5038

LL5039 - Pavilion,Army Cricket Ground,Fleet Road,Aldershot,Hampshire,GU11 2ET

Reference: 12/00039/BLI
View the survey for LL5039

LL5041 - Resettlement Training Centre,Gallwey Road,Aldershot,Hampshire,GU11 2DG

Reference: 12/00041/BLI
View the survey for LL5041

LL5042 - The Mortuary Chapel,The Military Cemetery,Gallwey Road,Aldershot,Hampshire

Reference: 12/00042/BLI
View the survey for LL5042

LL5043 - Group Of Monuments To Notable Local People,The Military Cemetery,Gallwey Road,Aldershot,Hampshire

Reference: 12/00043/BLI
View the survey for LL5043

LL5044 - Outbuildings To North Of,Fitzwygram House,Gallwey Road,Aldershot,Hampshire

Reference: 12/00044/BLI
View the survey for LL5044

LL5045 - Crane,Ash Lock,Government Road,Aldershot,Hampshire

Reference: 12/00045/BLI
View the survey for LL5045

LL5046 - Ash Lock,Government Road,Aldershot,Hampshire

Reference: 12/00046/BLI
View the survey for LL5046

LL5047 - Gun Hill House,Gun Hill,Aldershot,Hampshire,GU11 1RQ

Reference: 12/00047/BLI
View the survey for LL5047

LL5048 - 23 High Street,Aldershot,Hampshire,GU11 1BH

Reference: 12/00048/BLI
View the survey for LL5048

LL5049 - Parish Church Of St Augustine,Holly Road,Aldershot,Hampshire,GU12 4SE

Reference: 12/00049/BLI
View the survey for LL5049

LL5050 - St Augustines Church Hall,Holly Road,Aldershot,Hampshire,GU12 4SE

Reference: 12/00050/BLI
View the survey for LL5050

LL5052 - Water Tower,Hospital Road,Aldershot,Hampshire

Reference: 12/00052/BLI
View the survey for LL5052

LL5053 - Cambridge House,Hospital Road,Aldershot,Hampshire,GU11 2BF

Reference: 12/00053/BLI
View the survey for LL5053

LL5054 - Louise Margaret Hospital,Hospital Road,Aldershot,Hampshire

Reference: 12/00054/BLI
View the survey for LL5054

LL5055 - Nurses Accommodation,Louise Margaret Hospital,Hospital Road,Aldershot,Hampshire

Reference: 12/00055/BLI
View the survey for LL5055

LL5058 - McGrigor Barracks,Hospital Road,Aldershot,Hampshire

Reference: 12/00058/BLI
View the survey for LL5058

LL5060 - Mandora,Louise Margaret Road,Aldershot,Hampshire,GU11 2PW

Reference: 12/00060/BLI
View the survey for LL5060

LL5062 - Military Police Barracks,Headquarters Fourth Division,Steeles Road,Aldershot,Hampshire

Reference: 12/00062/BLI
View the survey for LL5062

LL5063 - Statue Of Christ Calming The Storm,Manor Park,Church Hill,Aldershot,Hampshire

Reference: 12/00063/BLI
View the survey for LL5063

LL5065 - 161 North Lane,Aldershot,Hampshire,GU12 4TA

Reference: 12/00065/BLI
View the survey for LL5065

LL5068 - Attached Buildings,Foxs Gymnasium,Queens Avenue,Aldershot,Hampshire

Reference: 12/00068/BLI
View the survey for LL5068

LL5069 - Museum,Princes Avenue,Aldershot,Hampshire

Reference: 12/00069/BLI
View the survey for LL5069

LL5071 - Iron Bridge,Queens Avenue,Aldershot,Hampshire

Reference: 12/00071/BLI
View the survey for LL5071

LL5072 - Memorial To IRA Victims,Pennefathers Road,Aldershot,Hampshire

Reference: 12/00072/BLI
View the survey for LL5072

LL5073 - Montgomerys Barn,Aldershot Military Historical Trust And Museum,Evelyn Woods Road,Aldershot,Hampshire

Reference: 12/00073/BLI
View the survey for LL5073

LL5074 - Glover And Riding,Queens Avenue,Aldershot,Hampshire,GU11 2BS

Reference: 12/00074/BLI
View the survey for LL5074

LL5075 - St Josephs Rectory,Queens Road,Aldershot,Hampshire,GU11 3JB

Reference: 12/00075/BLI
View the survey for LL5075

LL5076 - West End Centre,Queens Road,Aldershot,Hampshire,GU11 3JD

Reference: 12/00076/BLI
View the survey for LL5076

LL5077 - Aldershot Railway Station,Station Road,Aldershot,Hampshire,GU11 1HT

Reference: 12/00077/BLI
View the survey for LL5077

LL5078 - 41 Station Road,Aldershot,Hampshire,GU11 1BA

Reference: 12/00078/BLI
View the survey for LL5078

LL5080 - 3-11 Wellington Street And,49 - 51 Union Street,Aldershot,Hampshire

Reference: 12/00080/BLI
View the survey for LL5080

LL5081 - Former Soldiers Home,Upper Union Street,Aldershot,Hampshire

Reference: 12/00081/BLI
View the survey for LL5081

LL5082 - New Testament Church Of God,83 Victoria Road,Aldershot,Hampshire,GU11 1SH

Reference: 12/00082/BLI
View the survey for LL5082

LL5083 - 102 Victoria Road,Aldershot,Hampshire,GU11 1JX

Reference: 12/00083/BLI
View the survey for LL5083

LL5084 - 117 Victoria Road,Aldershot,Hampshire,GU11 1JW

Reference: 12/00084/BLI
View the survey for LL5084

LL5085 - 87 Victoria Road And,27 Station Road,Aldershot,Hampshire

Reference: 12/00085/BLI
View the survey for LL5085

LL5086 - 115 Victoria Road,Aldershot,Hampshire,GU11 1JQ

Reference: 12/00086/BLI
View the survey for LL5086

LL5087 - George VI Posting Box,Forge Lane,Aldershot,Hampshire

Reference: 12/00087/BLI
View the survey for LL5087

LL5089 - The Goose,Wellington Street,Aldershot,Hampshire,GU11 1DX

Reference: 12/00089/BLI
View the survey for LL5089

LL5090 - Coach House,Normanton,Winton Road,Aldershot,Hampshire

Reference: 12/00090/BLI
View the survey for LL5090

LL5091 - Normanton,Winton Road,Aldershot,Hampshire,GU11 3DH

Reference: 12/00091/BLI
View the survey for LL5091

LL5092 - Redroof,Winton Road,Aldershot,Hampshire,GU11 3DH

Reference: 12/00092/BLI
View the survey for LL5092

LL5093 - Waterloo House,Church Lane West,Aldershot,Hampshire,GU11 3LH

Reference: 12/00093/BLI
View the survey for LL5093

LL5094 - Devereux House,69 Albert Road,Farnborough,Hampshire,GU14 6SL

Reference: 12/00094/BLI
View the survey for LL5094

LL5095 - Edward VII Posting Box,Alexandra Road,Aldershot,Hampshire

Reference: 12/00095/BLI
View the survey for LL5095

LL5096 - 103 - 105 Alexandra Road,Farnborough,Hampshire

Reference: 12/00096/BLI
View the survey for LL5096

LL5097 - 2 Alexandra Road,Farnborough,Hampshire,GU14 6BZ

Reference: 12/00097/BLI
View the survey for LL5097

LL5098 - 107 Alexandra Road,Farnborough,Hampshire,GU14 6BN

Reference: 12/00098/BLI
View the survey for LL5098

LL5099 - 38 - 40 Alexandra Road,Farnborough,Hampshire,GU14 6DA

Reference: 12/00099/BLI
View the survey for LL5099

LL5100 - 63 Alexandra Road,Farnborough,Hampshire,GU14 6BS

Reference: 12/00100/BLI
View the survey for LL5100

LL5101 - 20 - 26 Alexandra Road,Farnborough,Hampshire

Reference: 12/00101/BLI
View the survey for LL5101

LL5102 - Farnborough Delivery Office,108 Alexandra Road,Farnborough,Hampshire,GU14 6DG

Reference: 12/00102/BLI
View the survey for LL5102

LL5103 - St Marks Parish Church,Reading Road,Farnborough,Hampshire,GU14 6NJ

Reference: 12/00103/BLI
View the survey for LL5103

LL5104 - Fenwick Harrison Building,16 - 20 Camp Road,Farnborough,Hampshire,GU14 6EW

Reference: 12/00104/BLI
View the survey for LL5104

LL5105 - 11 - 15 Camp Road,Farnborough,Hampshire

Reference: 12/00105/BLI
View the survey for LL5105

LL5106 - The Lodge,59 Canterbury Road,Farnborough,Hampshire,GU14 6QW

Reference: 12/00106/BLI
View the survey for LL5106

LL5107 - Lych Gate,St Peters Old Parish Church,Church Avenue,Farnborough,Hampshire

Reference: 12/00107/BLI
View the survey for LL5107

LL5108 - Durdham And Somborne House,2 Church Road East,Farnborough,Hampshire

Reference: 12/00108/BLI
View the survey for LL5108

LL5109 - 1 Clockhouse Road,Farnborough,Hampshire,GU14 7QY

Reference: 12/00109/BLI
View the survey for LL5109

LL5110 - Pembroke House,8 St Christophers Place,Farnborough,Hampshire,GU14 0NH

Reference: 12/00110/BLI
View the survey for LL5110

LL5111 - Tradesmans Arms,57 Cove Road,Farnborough,Hampshire,GU14 0EX

Reference: 12/00111/BLI
View the survey for LL5111

LL5112 - Boundary Wall,La Fosse House,129 Ship Lane,Farnborough,Hampshire

Reference: 12/00112/BLI
View the survey for LL5112

LL5113 - South Lodge,314 Farnborough Road,Farnborough,Hampshire,GU14 8AS

Reference: 12/00113/BLI
View the survey for LL5113

LL5114 - St Annes Buildings,Farnborough Hill School,312 Farnborough Road,Farnborough,Hampshire

Reference: 12/00114/BLI
View the survey for LL5114

LL5115 - The Swan Inn,91 Farnborough Road,Farnborough,Hampshire,GU14 6TL

Reference: 12/00115/BLI
View the survey for LL5115

LL5116 - 9 Farnborough Street,Farnborough,Hampshire,GU14 8AG

Reference: 12/00116/BLI
View the survey for LL5116

LL5117 - Imperial Arms,12 Farnborough Street,Farnborough,Hampshire,GU14 8AG

Reference: 12/00117/BLI
View the survey for LL5117

LL5119 - Elephant And Castle,107 Lynchford Road,Farnborough,Hampshire,GU14 6ET

Reference: 12/00119/BLI
View the survey for LL5119

LL5120 - Holiday Inn,Lynchford Road,Farnborough,Hampshire,GU14 6AZ

Reference: 12/00120/BLI
View the survey for LL5120

LL5121 - 47 - 49 Lynchford Road,Farnborough,Hampshire,GU14 6EG

Reference: 12/00121/BLI
View the survey for LL5121

LL5122 - 89 - 91 Lynchford Road,Farnborough,Hampshire,GU14 6ET

Reference: 12/00122/BLI
View the survey for LL5122

LL5123 - Old School Studios,40 Lynchford Road,Farnborough,Hampshire,GU14 6EF

Reference: 12/00123/BLI
View the survey for LL5123

LL5124 - The North Camp,95 Lynchford Road,Farnborough,Hampshire,GU14 6ET

Reference: 12/00124/BLI
View the survey for LL5124

LL5126 - Cathedral Court,O Gorman Avenue,Farnborough,Hampshire

Reference: 12/00126/BLI
View the survey for LL5126

LL5127 - Building Q170,O Gorman Avenue,Farnborough,Hampshire,GU14 7DL

Reference: 12/00127/BLI
View the survey for LL5127

LL5128 - George VI Posting Box,Park Road,Farnborough,Hampshire

Reference: 12/00128/BLI
View the survey for LL5128

LL5129 - Pillbox,Cove Green Allotments,Prospect Road,Farnborough,Hampshire

Reference: 12/00129/BLI
View the survey for LL5129

LL5130 - Church Of Our Lady,Queens Road,Farnborough,Hampshire,GU14 6JR

Reference: 12/00130/BLI
View the survey for LL5130

LL5131 - South Farnborough Infant School,Queens Road,Farnborough,Hampshire,GU14 6JU

Reference: 12/00131/BLI
View the survey for LL5131

LL5132 - St Marks Church Of England Primary School,Queens Road,Farnborough,Hampshire,GU14 6DU

Reference: 12/00132/BLI
View the survey for LL5132

LL5133 - Brighstone House,123 Reading Road,Farnborough,Hampshire,GU14 6NZ

Reference: 12/00133/BLI
View the survey for LL5133

LL5134 - 25 Reading Road,Farnborough,Hampshire,GU14 6ND

Reference: 12/00134/BLI
View the survey for LL5134

LL5135 - North Farnborough County Infant School,Rectory Road,Farnborough,Hampshire,GU14 8AJ

Reference: 12/00135/BLI
View the survey for LL5135

LL5136 - Sarsen Stone Wall,Fernhill Cottage,30 Rectory Road,Farnborough,Hampshire

Reference: 12/00136/BLI
View the survey for LL5136

LL5137 - Prince Of Wales,184 Rectory Road,Farnborough,Hampshire,GU14 8AL

Reference: 12/00137/BLI
View the survey for LL5137

LL5138 - Cemetery Chapel,Ship Lane Cemetery,Ship Lane,Farnborough,Hampshire

Reference: 12/00138/BLI
View the survey for LL5138

LL5139 - Ship Lane Cemetery Lodge,154 Ship Lane,Farnborough,Hampshire,GU14 8BJ

Reference: 12/00139/BLI
View the survey for LL5139

LL5140 - Cemetery Railings And Gates,Ship Lane Cemetery,Ship Lane,Farnborough,Hampshire

Reference: 12/00140/BLI
View the survey for LL5140

LL5141 - Cemetery Toilets,Ship Lane Cemetery,Ship Lane,Farnborough,Hampshire

Reference: 12/00141/BLI
View the survey for LL5141

LL5142 - Farnborough Railway Station,Union Street,Farnborough,Hampshire,GU14 7NL

Reference: 12/00142/BLI
View the survey for LL5142

LL5143 - The Lodge,283 Farnborough Road,Farnborough,Hampshire,GU14 8AR

Reference: 12/00143/BLI
View the survey for LL5143

LL5144 - Chapel And Hearse House,Victoria Road Cemetery,Victoria Road,Farnborough,Hampshire

Reference: 12/00144/BLI
View the survey for LL5144

LL5145 - Queen Victoria Monument,Victoria Road Cemetery,Victoria Road,Farnborough,Hampshire

Reference: 12/00145/BLI
View the survey for LL5145

LL5146 - The Alexandra,74 Victoria Road,Farnborough,Hampshire,GU14 7PH

Reference: 12/00146/BLI
View the survey for LL5146

LL5147 - The Trafalgar,1 Short Street,Aldershot,Hampshire,GU11 1HA

Reference: 12/00147/BLI
View the survey for LL5147

LL5148 - The Old Court House,80 Cove Road,Farnborough,Hampshire,GU14 0EU

Reference: 12/00148/BLI
View the survey for LL5148

LL5149 - Green Garth And Tall Pines,Church Avenue,Farnborough,Hampshire

Reference: 12/00149/BLI
View the survey for LL5149

LL5150 - St Michaels House,Hospital Road,Aldershot,Hampshire

Reference: 12/00150/BLI
View the survey for LL5150

LL5151 - Former Post Office,Headquarters Fourth Division,Steeles Road,Aldershot,Hampshire

Reference: 12/00151/BLI
View the survey for LL5151

LL5152 - Former Stables,Headquarters Fourth Division,Steeles Road,Aldershot,Hampshire

Reference: 12/00152/BLI
View the survey for LL5152

LL5153 - Outbuilding,Prince Of Wales,184 Rectory Road,Farnborough,Hampshire

Reference: 12/00153/BLI
View the survey for LL5153

LL5154 - Cranbrook House,Queens Avenue,Aldershot,Hampshire

Reference: 12/00154/BLI
View the survey for LL5154

LL5155 - Alison House,Queens Avenue,Aldershot,Hampshire

Reference: 12/00155/BLI
View the survey for LL5155

LL5157 - Badajos And Salamanca Lodges,Knollys Road,Aldershot,Hampshire

Reference: 12/00157/BLI
View the survey for LL5157

LL5161 - Socmanscote,Knollys Road,Aldershot,Hampshire,GU11 1PT

Reference: 12/00161/BLI
View the survey for LL5161

LL5164 - Cyprus Block,Thornhill Barracks,Gallwey Road,Aldershot,Hampshire,GU11 2DF

Reference: 12/00164/BLI
View the survey for LL5164

LL5165 - Kenya Block,Thornhill Barracks,Gallwey Road,Aldershot,Hampshire,GU11 2DF

Reference: 12/00165/BLI
View the survey for LL5165

LL5166 - Mauritius Block,Thornhill Barracks,Gallwey Road,Aldershot,Hampshire,GU11 2DF

Reference: 12/00166/BLI
View the survey for LL5166

LL5167 - Germany Block,Thornhill Barracks,Gallwey Road,Aldershot,Hampshire,GU11 2DF

Reference: 12/00167/BLI
View the survey for LL5167

LL5168 - Hong Kong Block,Thornhill Barracks,Gallwey Road,Aldershot,Hampshire,GU11 2DF

Reference: 12/00168/BLI
View the survey for LL5168

LL5169 - Thornhill Barracks,Gallwey Road,Aldershot,Hampshire,GU11 2DF

Reference: 12/00169/BLI
View the survey for LL5169

LL5171 - K6 Telephone Kiosk,Thornhill Barracks,Gallwey Road,Aldershot,Hampshire,GU11 2DF

Reference: 12/00171/BLI
View the survey for LL5171

LL5172 - Outbuilding,Thornhill Barracks,Gallwey Road,Aldershot,Hampshire

Reference: 12/00172/BLI
View the survey for LL5172

LL5173 - Gun Emplacement To North Of Thornhill Barracks,Gallwey Road,Aldershot,Hampshire

Reference: 12/00173/BLI
View the survey for LL5173

LL5178 - Marlborough County Infant School,Redvers Buller Road,Aldershot,Hampshire,GU11 2HR

Reference: 12/00178/BLI
View the survey for LL5178

LL5179 - Clocktower House Pre-school,Redvers Buller Road,Aldershot,Hampshire,GU11 2BY

Reference: 12/00179/BLI
View the survey for LL5179

LL5180 - Wellington Community Primary School,York Road,Aldershot,Hampshire,GU11 3JG

Reference: 14/00001/BLI
View the survey for LL5180

LL5181 - The Ship Inn,162 Ship Lane,Farnborough,Hampshire,GU14 8BE

Reference: 14/00002/BLI
View the survey for LL5181

LL5182 - 14 - 16 Grosvenor Road,Aldershot,Hampshire

Reference: 15/00001/BLI
View the survey for LL5182

LL5183 - Boundary Wall,Hillside House,2B Eggars Hill,Aldershot,Hampshire

Reference: 15/00002/BLI
View the survey for LL5183

LL5184 - 32 - 34 Grosvenor Road,Aldershot,Hampshire,GU11 3DY

Reference: 15/00003/BLI
View the survey for LL5184

LL5185 - Imperial Standard,25 Western Road,Aldershot,Hampshire,GU11 3PL

Reference: 15/00004/BLI
View the survey for LL5185

LL5186 - 227 Farnborough Road,Farnborough,Hampshire,GU14 7JT

Reference: 13/00001/BLI
View the survey for LL5186

LL5187 - Crowthorne,25 Oxford Road,Farnborough,Hampshire,GU14 6QU

Reference: 16/00001/BLI
View the survey for LL5187

LL5188 - 126 Victoria Road,Aldershot,Hampshire,GU11 1JX

Reference: 20/00003/BLI
View the survey for LL5188

LL5189 - Empire Banqueting And Hall,High Street,Aldershot,Hampshire,GU11 1DJ

Reference: 20/00004/BLI
View the survey for LL5189

LL5190 - Buzz Bingo,High Street,Aldershot,Hampshire,GU11 1DJ

Reference: 21/00001/BLI
View the survey for LL5190

LL5191 - Harland Hall,60C St Georges Road,Aldershot,Hampshire,GU12 4LE

Reference: 21/00002/BLI
View the survey for LL5191

LL5192 - Brantfell Lodge,Manor Road,Aldershot,Hampshire,GU11 3DG

Reference: 20/00005/BLI
View the survey for LL5192

LL5193 - Churchill House,15 - 17 Chartwell Gardens,Aldershot,Hampshire

Reference: 20/00006/BLI
View the survey for LL5193

LL5194 - Combined Mess,Mons Barracks,Princes Avenue,Aldershot,Hampshire,GU11 2LF

Reference: 21/00006/BLI
View the survey for LL5194

LL5195 - Pillbox Adjacent To The Basingstoke Canal,Farnborough Road,Aldershot,Hampshire

Reference: 21/00005/BLI
View the survey for LL5195

LL5196 - Inglis Bridge Over The Basingstoke Canal,Farnborough Road,Aldershot,Hampshire

Reference: 21/00004/BLI
View the survey for LL5196

LL5197 - 30 Wellington Street,Aldershot,Hampshire,GU11 1EA

Reference: 20/00009/BLI
View the survey for LL5197

LL5198 - Dairy Quarters,Camp Farm Road,Aldershot,Hampshire,GU11 2NS

Reference: 21/00003/BLI
View the survey for LL5198

LL5199 - 2 Woodland Crescent,Farnborough,Hampshire,GU14 8BF

Reference: 22/00001/BLI
View the survey for LL5199

LL5200 - 11 Chapel Street,Farnborough,Hampshire,GU14 8AH

Reference: 22/00002/BLI
View the survey for LL5200

LL5201 - Boundary Wall,9 - 11 Netley Street,Farnborough,Hampshire

Reference: 23/00001/BLI
View the survey for LL5201

LL5202 - Penmark House,Albert Road,Aldershot,Hampshire,GU11 1SZ

Reference: 23/00002/BLI
View the survey for LL5202

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