You can use a full plans notice for all types of building work. The benefit of using it is that it can reduce problems once work starts on site.

About full plans notices

A full plans notice is a system of submitting plans and details of a project to us so we can check they comply with the building regulations.

The main advantage of doing this is that once we have approved your plans, you will receive an approval notice.

This can cut down on problems later because your builder can then work to those drawings knowing that they will comply with the regulations.

Who can apply for a full plans notice

Anyone can apply for a full plans notice.

When to use it

You can use it for all types of building work but you will have to use it for certain projects with a high fire risk, such as shops and offices.


There are two lots of fees to pay. The first fee is for checking the plans and is payable on deposit. The second is an inspection fee and is payable after the first inspection.

How to apply for a full plans notice

Apply online

  1. Sign in or create an account for building control applications on the national planning portal website 
  2. Start a new application and select that you want to apply for a full plans notice
  3. Once you've submitted your application, send us the fee using our secure online payment system, quoting your planning portal reference number

Apply by email

  1. Fill in and email to us a full plans notice
  2. You will also need to attach your plans to your email
  3. Pay the fee by making a building control payment on our secure online payment system

Apply by post

  1. Fill in and print out a full plans notice and post it to us
  2. For domestic work, you will need to send us one copy of the plans. For all other work, you will need to send us three copies
  3. Pay the fee by sending a cheque payable to 'Rushmoor Borough Council' with your completed form or if you prefer, you can pay for it online by making a building control payment on our secure online payment system

If we need more information, we will ask you for it.

What happens next

We must decide your application within 5 weeks, or eight weeks by joint agreement. This is called an agreed decision date.

We will usually approve the application, with or without conditions, but we may reject it in extreme cases. For example, where you are not able to provide the necessary information by the agreed decision date.

Our aim is to check plans within 14 days and to approve them, if possible. We can only achieve this with the full and prompt co-operation of all parties involved.

Once we have completed statutory and agreed inspections to our satisfaction, we will issue a completion certificate.


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