Set up or join a Neighbourhood Watch scheme in your area.

Neighbourhood Watch is a partnership of residents working with police and other agencies to reduce crime and the fear of crime in their community.

Reasons to join a Neighbourhood Watch scheme

For you:

  • As a Neighbourhood Watch member, you are far less likely to be a victim of crime
  • You can improve the safety of your home and your belongings
  • You may get cheaper home insurance

For your community:

  • Criminals find it harder to commit crime
  • Working together with friends and neighbours, boosts community spirit
  • It helps the police to reduce crime and bring criminals to justice

Setting up a Neighbourhood Watch scheme

The usual steps to set up your own scheme:

  • Check if a local scheme already exists on the Neighbourhood Watch or try the Hampshire Alert websites
  • Talk to your neighbours to see if they are interested
  • Talk to a coordinator of an existing neighbourhood watch scheme
  • Set up a residents' meeting
  • Decide on a coordinator, deputy or perhaps a committee to keep the scheme running
  • Decide on the issues you wish to tackle
  • Register your scheme

Neighbourhood Watch schemes can be large and cover a whole estate, or small for example, just six houses. The scheme is usually led by a coordinator who is the link between residents, other local schemes and the police.

More information about Neighbourhood Watch is available on the Rushmoor Neighbourhood Watch Association and national Neighbourhood Watch websites.

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