We hold a hearing of the licensing sub-committee (alcohol and entertainment) for some licence applications.

When hearings are required

We hold a sub-committee hearing in the following circumstances (unless all parties agree that a hearing is not necessary):

  • Where a 'responsible authority' or any other person has objected to an application
  • Where a 'responsible authority' or any other person has asked that a licence is reviewed
  • Where the police have issued a closure order on a specific premises which leads to a review of the licence

Hearing protocol and procedures

Our Licensing Hearings Protocol and Procedure sets out how our licensing sub-committee (alcohol and entertainments) will deal with licensing hearings, including when they will be held in public, timings and the notice we give for hearings and the details of what happens at a hearing.

Please see our Attending a licensing hearing – what to expect guide to understand more about happens at a physical hearing.

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