Local elections results

Results of the Rushmoor Borough Council local elections held on 7 May 2015.

Aldershot Park

CandidateDescriptionNumber of votes
COURTNEY PeterUK Independence Party (UKIP)840
MATTHEWS JanLabour Party1065
NEWELL Adrian RobertThe Conservative Party Candidate1153 (ELECTED)

Turnout: 56.82%


CandidateDescriptionNumber of votes
AUSTRIDGE Simon AmirUK Independence Party (UKIP)791
JONES BarryLabour Party1050 (ELECTED)
MAKUNURA MaraThe Conservative Party Candidate804
MURPHY ShaunLiberal Democrat251

Turnout: 55.02%

Cove and Southwood

CandidateDescriptionNumber of votes
ANDREWS CliveLabour Party543
MASTERSON SteveThe Conservative Party Candidate1992 (ELECTED)
PARSONS JennyUK Independence Party (UKIP)813
WARNE Vincent PeterGreen Party269

Turnout: 66.07%


CandidateDescriptionNumber of votes
COLLINS PhilipLabour Party405
LYON GarethThe Conservative Party Candidate1904 (ELECTED)
OHKUBO Julia AnnLiberal Democrat265
WALLACE DonnaGreen Party518

Turnout: 68.32%


CandidateDescriptionNumber of votes
AMOS LenLabour Party498
COULE Martin AnthonyGreen Party189
FRASER-FLEMING Charles DennisLiberal Democrat261
MARSH John HenryThe Conservative Party Candidate1686 (ELECTED)
WALKER BillUK Independence Party (UKIP)800

Turnout: 63.33%


CandidateDescriptionNumber of votes
BELL RosieUK Independence Party (UKIP)590
DIBBS RolandThe Conservative Party Candidate2367 (ELECTED)
LEWRY Amy HannahGreen Party465
TOOTILL BillLabour Party645

Turnout: 72.09%

Manor Park

CandidateDescriptionNumber of votes
CRERAR Peter Ian CharlesThe Conservative Party Candidate1805 (ELECTED)
POOLE EddieUK Independence Party (UKIP)744
SWADDLING Dominique Jamie AlexandraLabour Party1129

Turnout: 63.49%

North Town

CandidateDescriptionNumber of votes
DAWSON Lee BrendanThe Conservative Party Candidate911
DE LECQ LE GRESLEY AdamUK Independence Party (UKIP)586
DIBBLE SueLabour Party1423 (ELECTED)

Turnout: 59.78%


CandidateDescriptionNumber of votes
BETSWORTH KevinUK Independence Party (UKIP)936
CHOUDHARY CharlesThe Conservative Party Candidate1443 (ELECTED)
CLARK JillLabour Party708
HOWELL Peta MartineGreen Party348

Turnout: 65.52%

St John`s

CandidateDescriptionNumber of votes
HARDING ChrisUK Independence Party (UKIP)844
HAYWARD PeterLabour Party507
HURST Barbara JoanThe Conservative Party Candidate1870 (ELECTED)
STEPHENSON David MichaelGreen Party216

Turnout: 65.81%

St Mark`s

CandidateDescriptionNumber of votes
CORPS LizThe Conservative Party Candidate1619 (ELECTED)
HEWITT CarlGreen Party404
KOHER CHOWDHURY AbulLiberal Democrat663
SOUTHON ColinLabour Party536

Turnout: 62.01%


CandidateDescriptionNumber of votes
CHOUDHARY Attika SalimThe Conservative Party Candidate600
EVANS Jennifer MaryLabour Party645 (ELECTED)
WAYNEREID MichelleChristian Party "Proclaiming Christ`s Lordship"86

Turnout: 45.64%

West Heath

CandidateDescriptionNumber of votes
BELL DaveUK Independence Party (UKIP)1334 (ELECTED)
COOPER RodThe Conservative Party Candidate1199 (ELECTED)
CORNWELL Derek RoyUK Independence Party (UKIP)1101
GARDNER JanetLabour Party490
MARSHALL Paula SamanthaGreen Party246
MURPHY Josephine PatriciaLiberal Democrat319
SIMPSON TrevorLabour Party417
SMITH SteveThe Conservative Party Candidate1173
THOMPSON Philip GeoffreyLiberal Democrat273

Turnout: 66.87%

The above table is a summary of the pdf icon full local election results [122kb] document.

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    1. We use your views to improve our website. If you have a query about our services, please email customerservices@rushmoor.gov.uk.


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