The council has noted some incorrect information circulating on social and other media and wishes to correct that and lay out its position clearly. The information in question was misleading because it implied the council is supporting Home Office plans to use an apartment block in Farnborough as temporary accommodation for people seeking asylum in the UK. This is not correct.

As set out in the council’s earlier statement published on its website and social media accounts, the council has consistently objected to the Home Office proposals and this position has not changed with the change of administration in May.

The Leader of the Council, Councillor Gareth Williams, has written to the Home Secretary to reiterate the council's objections to these proposals and to seek reassurances on a number of concerns, including who would be housed in the apartment block and the potential demand this could have on local services; the track record of the Home Office contractors who would be running the site; and how community tensions would be managed.

While council officers, along with other public sector colleagues, have met and will continue to meet with Home Office officials to understand more about the proposals and the implications on the borough and on local services, the Leader has also emphasised strongly to the Home Secretary that this "should not be misconstrued nor misrepresented" that the council supports the Home Office's plans.

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