What to do if you would like to speak at one of our meetings.

We have a scheme, which allows members of the public to put forward their views and ideas at council meetings.

The scheme applies to the following meetings:

The scheme is available to:

  • Anyone who lives or works in Rushmoor
  • Business or property owners in Rushmoor
  • Representatives from any local group or organisation associated with Rushmoor

The Development Management Committee has its own scheme. For further information visit our Speaking at Development Control Committee meetings page.

Asking to speak at a meeting

If you would like to speak at a meeting, you must contact us no later than 5pm at least two days before the meeting you would like to speak at.

You can tell us by email, phone or in writing.  To get in touch, use the contact details on this page.

You need to tell us which meeting you would like to attend and the questions (if appropriate) that you would like to ask.

What you can ask to speak about

You can ask to speak about an item on the agenda or anything that affects Rushmoor.

Some issues are not covered by the scheme including:

  • Allegations against individual Councillors or officers
  • Representations about any legal action taken by, or against, the council
  • Representations about an individual's personal circumstances, whether they are a resident, councillor or member of staff.

During the meeting

Members of the Cabinet, a committee or panel will be able to ask you questions.

If we cannot respond to your questions at the meeting, we will do so in writing after the meeting.

Contact us

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