Find out the candidates for the Aldershot constituency of the general election on Thursday 4 July.

Information about candidates

During the election campaign, it is up to individual candidates to tell you about themselves and what they stand for.

Candidates may provide you with their election information or call on you at your home. You should also be able to find out more information about candidates and what they are standing for online.

Aldershot constituency

Candidate name Description of candidate
BAKER Alex Labour Party
DOCHERTY Leo The Conservative Party Candidate
HARRIS Paul Liberal Democrats
JAMES-BAILEY Steve Hampshire Independents
LLOYD-JONES Trevor Reform UK
NEVILLE Ed The Green Party Candidate

These tables are a summary of the full statement of persons nominated.

Find out which polling station you can vote in 

If you are not sure which polling station you will be voting in, it will be shown on your polling card, or you can use our ward and polling station look up to find out. 

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