Our finance team takes care of council tax, business rates and benefits. It also provides financial management, budgeting and accounting services.

Executive Head of Finance and S151 Officer
Peter Vickers
Email: peter.vickers@rushmoor.gov.uk 
Tel: 01252 398399

The work of the service can be broken down into five main areas - local taxation, benefits, accounting and budgeting, exchequer and treasury management.

Local taxation

  • Council tax
  • Business rates


  • Council tax support assessment
  • Current housing benefit claims
  • Council tax support fraud investigations

Accounting and budgeting

  • Budget preparation, including developing and setting a financial and budget strategy
  • Budgeting monitoring, including providing financial support and advice
  • Financial accounts, including grant claims, statistical returns and production of the statement of accounts
  • The implementation, administration and development of the financial management system

Purchase Ledger

  • Providing a purchase ordering and creditor payment system
  • Providing insurance cover, including advice on risk management

Treasury management

  • Making sure the council maintains an appropriate cash-flow position at all times so it avoids unnecessary bank charges
  • Making sound investments of the council's balances and capital receipts to maximise interest receipts while minimising our exposure to risk

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