We want to provide you with the best possible service. However, we do recognise that at times, things can go wrong and you may want to complain. On these occasions, we will do our best to sort out your issue to your satisfaction.

So that we deal with everyone in the same way, we have a formal complaints procedure. The procedure sets out what we consider to be a complaint, what our formal complaints procedure does not include and how to make a formal complaint.

What we consider to be a complaint

We define a complaint as being 'an expression of dissatisfaction that requires a response about the standard of service, action taken or lack of action by the council'. Complaints include:

  • The quality or standard of a service we have provided
  • The quality of information or advice we have given
  • Our failure to comply with procedures, rules, legal obligations or our published standards
  • A failure that has been reported but not actioned, or the wrong action, taken
  • Complaints not resolved or actioned by contractors or consultants

What our formal complaints does not include

  • Queries or one-off problems with services, like a missed bin
  • Issues that are more than 12 months old
  • Council policy
  • Legal or professional opinion
  • Insurance claims
  • Where an appeal process is already in place
  • Court and tribunal action
  • Internal staffing issues

Complaints covered by separate statutory, regulatory or other procedures, like:

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Privacy notice

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