Information about our lost and stray dog service.

What to do if you have lost or found a dog

If you lose or find a dog in Aldershot or Farnborough, please contact our customer services team using the details below.

We will ask you for a full description of the dog, and details of where and when you lost or found it.

If you're a dog owner, it's your responsibility to make sure your dog does not stray.

How we help with stray dogs

Where a stray dog is reported to us, and the dog is secured, our dog wardens will collect the dog. This isn't a 24-hour service, so it may not be possible to come and collect the dog until the following day. Our dog wardens will not attend and deal with a loose running dog, believed to be a stray.

We will do our best to reunite the dog we have collected with its owner, including scanning for a microchip. Where we can't straight away identify the dog's owner and/or get in contact with them, we will take the dog to one of our partner kennels. They will keep the dog safe until they can be reunited with their owner or re-homed.

If the stray dog requires immediate medical help, we will take the dog to a vet.

Under the legislation for stray dogs, if a dog owner has not been reunited with their dog within 7 days of the dog being recovered by our dog wardens, a re-homing process will start. We generally use a third party to re-home dogs, so we do not directly re-home dogs to members of the public. 

Reuniting you with your dog

Once we have got in contact with you about your stray dog that we are looking after, we will make arrangements for you to be reunited with them.

There are fees that you as the dog owner must pay before we will return your dog. These must be paid within 7 days of the dog being collected by our dog wardens.

Fees for the recovery and safe-keeping of your dog

Type of fee Amount to pay
Statutory stray dog fee £25
Contracted dog warden intervention fee £50
Kenneling costs This 3rd party fee is set by the kennel where the dog is kept
Vet costs, if the dog required medical help This 3rd party fee is set by the vet

Depending on which of our partner kennels your dog has been held in, you may need to pay the fee directly to the kennel, or to us, who will then pay the kennel. We will let you know who to pay these fees to, when we make the arrangements for you to be reunited with your dog.

Many of our partner kennels are not within Rushmoor, so you may need to travel to collect your dog from the kennel.

On a case-by-case basis, our dog wardens may be able to make arrangements to return your dog directly to you. There will be an extra charge for this service.

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