Help us to keep Aldershot and Farnborough clean by reporting litter.

Report litter

We take littering very seriously and give fixed penalty notices of £75 to people found dropping litter in Rushmoor. For further information, visit our pages about what we enforce.

You can report litter to us using our Love Rushmoor website:

We will pick it up as soon as possible.

Broken glass

If you see broken glass in a street or public area, please report it to us.  We will remove broken glass as soon as we can, during office hours.

You can report broken glass using our Love Rushmoor website:

Litter bins

Litter binWe have more than 600 litter bins in Aldershot and Farnborough.  You can use them for both litter and dog waste and we empty them regularly. 

If you notice a full litter bin or a bin that has been damaged, please report it to us.

You can report a full or damaged litter bin using our Love Rushmoor website:

We will:

  • Arrange for a full litter bin to be emptied within one working day of you telling us
  • Arrange for a damaged litter bin to be repaired, replaced or removed as soon as possible

Love Rushmoor mobile app

As well as our Love Rushmoor website, we have a mobile app that allows you to report environmental problems while out and about. Visit our Love Rushmoor page for more information and to find out how to download it.

Keeping your streets clean

We have a busy cleaning schedule in our town centres, parks and residential areas. We manually clean most residential roads every four weeks and also visit them with our road sweepers. We clean our main roads and some other, busier roads more often.

Please see our street cleaning page for more information.

Fines for littering

To pay a fixed penalty notice for littering, please use the link below:

Please visit our fixed penalty notices page for more information.

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