We work hard to keep our streets clean and safe, but sometimes we need to remind everyone of their responsibilities by taking enforcement action.

Our Community Patrol Officers are responsible for tackling environmental crime and making sure that Rushmoor stays safe and clean.

Our team responds to complaints made by residents, local organisations, councillors, and visitors to Rushmoor as well as carrying out environmental audits.

Our Community Patrol Officers have a range of powers that allow them to enforce legislation, which can involve issuing warnings, notices, fixed penalty notices and even court proceedings against alleged offenders.

The Community Patrol team can take action on:

Getting tough on littering

We work with East Hampshire District Council to help keep our streets clean. Officers issue fines to people caught dropping litter. Please visit our fixed penalty notices page for more information.

Fixed penalty notices

Offences, which will receive a fixed penalty notice include:

  • Minor graffiti and fly-posting offences
  • Fly-tipping
  • Dropping litter in a public space
  • Noise from licensed premises
  • Abandoning a vehicle
  • Nuisance parking
  • Failure to produce authority for transporting waste (waste transfer note)
  • Failure to provide documentation (waste carrier's licence)
  • Offences relating to rubbish bins

We refer to our Corporate Enforcement Policy and Environmental Improvement Strategy when considering enforcement action.
In most cases, we will only take action where we have considered other options and the problem remains.

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