We carry out extra leaf clearance of some of our roads in November and December every year. Find out which roads we clear.

Each year we carry out an extra leaf clearance for roads with a large quantity of fallen leaves. Use the alphabetical list below to find which streets in Aldershot and Farnborough receive an additional clearance.

Road sweeper


Abbey Way, Farnborough
Albert Road, Farnborough
Alexandra Road, Farnborough
Alexandra Road, Aldershot
Andrews Road, Farnborough
Ashley Road, Farnborough
Avenue Road, Farnborough
Ayling Hill, Aldershot
Ayling Lane, Aldershot


Boundary Road, Farnborough
Boxalls Lane, Aldershot
Bridge Road, Aldershot
Burnsall Close, Farnborough


Cabrol Road, Farnborough
Cambridge Road East, Farnborough
Canterbury Road, Farnborough
Cedar Road, Farnborough
Chapel Lane, Farnborough
Chestnut Tree Grove, Farnborough
Church Avenue, Farnborough 
Church Circle, Farnborough
Church Hill, Aldershot
Church Lane East, Aldershot
Church Lane West, Aldershot
Church Road East, Farnborough
Church Road West, Farnborough
Clockhouse Road, Farnborough
Cranmore Gardens, Aldershot
Cranmore Lane, Aldershot


Deadbrook Lane, Aldershot


Eggars Hill, Aldershot
Empress Avenue, Farnborough


Farnborough Road, Aldershot (Cranmore Lane to Willems Avenue)
Farnborough Road, Farnborough (Queen's Roundabout to Hawley Lane)
Fellows Road, Farnborough
Fernhill Close, Farnborough
Fernhill Lane, Farnborough 
Fernhill Road North, Farnborough
Fernhill Road South, Farnborough
Fernhill Walk, Farnborough
Fleet Road, Farnborough


Greens School Lane, Farnborough
Guildford Road, Aldershot
Guildford Road East, Farnborough
Guildford Road West, Farnborough


Harvey Road, Farnborough
Hawley Lane/Road, Farnborough
Heron wood Road, Aldershot
High Street, Aldershot 
High View Close, Farnborough
High View Road, Farnborough 
Highfield Avenue, Aldershot
Highfield Close, Aldershot
Highfield Gardens, Aldershot 
Highgate Lane, Farnborough
Hilder Gardens, Farnborough
Hillside Road, Aldershot
Hospital Hill, Aldershot


Kingsley Road, Farnborough


Ladywood Avenue, Farnborough
Lakeside Gardens, Farnborough 
Leopold Avenue, Farnborough


Manor Park (front), Aldershot
Manor Road, Aldershot
Marrowbrook Lane, Farnborough
Mason Road, Farnborough 
Mayfield Road, Farnborough
Minley Road, Farnborough


Napoleon Avenue, Farnborough
Netley Street, Farnborough


Oak Road, Farnborough
Oak Tree Close, Aldershot
Old Rectory Gardens, Farnborough
Orchard Close, Farnborough
Osborne Road, Farnborough
Oxford Road, Farnborough


Park Road, Farnborough
Pavilion Road, Aldershot
Pennine Way, Farnborough
Pierrefondes Avenue, Farnborough
Pirbright Road, Farnborough
Prospect Avenue, Farnborough
Prospect Road, Farnborough


Reading Road, Farnborough
Rectory Road, Farnborough
Redan Road, Aldershot 
Revelstoke Avenue, Farnborough
Rowans Close, Farnborough
Rowhill Avenue/Crescent, Aldershot


Salisbury Road, Farnborough
Sand Hill, Farnborough
Sandy Lane, Farnborough
Sedgemoor, Farnborough
Shakespeare Gardens, Farnborough
Ship Alley, Farnborough
Ship Lane, Farnborough
Somerset Road, Farnborough
Southampton Street, Farnborough
Southwood Road, Farnborough
St Michael's Road, Farnborough 
St John's Road, Farnborough
St Peter's Park, Aldershot
Stake Lane, Farnborough
Stourhead Close, Farnborough
Sunnybank Road, Farnborough
Sycamore Road, Farnborough


The Avenue, Aldershot
The Crescent, Farnborough
The Grove, Farnborough
The Potteries, Farnborough
Tile Barn Close, Farnborough
Tongham Road, Aldershot 
Trunk Road, Farnborough


Waverley Road, Farnborough
Wellington Road, Aldershot
West Heath Road, Farnborough
Weybourne Road, Aldershot 
Winchester Street, Farnborough
Woburn Avenue, Farnborough
Woodlands Close, Farnborough
Woodlands Walk, Farnborough
Woodlands Road, Farnborough
Wymering Court, Farnborough


York Road, Farnborough

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