If you live in a property that is classed as supported exempt or specified accommodation, you can claim housing benefit to help pay your rent.

Tenants in properties that have been  classed as 'supported exempt accommodation' or as 'specified accommodation' can get higher levels of housing benefit. This is because these properties are exempt from the rules that restrict how much rent we take into account when we calculate your benefit.

How to apply for supported exempt or other specified accommodation status

Only the landlord or property owner can apply for supported exempt or other specified accommodation status.

To do this, you need to contact our Benefits team using the contact details on this page.

Supported exempt accommodation (specified accommodation category 1)

To count as supported exempt accommodation, all the following must apply:

  • The accommodation is provided by an English non-metropolitan council, a housing association, a not-for-profit voluntary organisation, or a registered charity
  • The care, support and supervision is provided by the accommodation provider (the landlord) or by someone acting on the accommodation provider's behalf
  • The level of care, support and supervision is more than minimal

Other types of specified accommodation

There are three other categories of specified accommodation:

Managed properties (specified accommodation category 2)

Managed properties are where an organisation or individual other than the accommodation provider (landlord) provides care, support and supervision. The claimant must have entered the accommodation to get care, support and supervision.

Refuges (specified accommodation category 3)

These provide temporary housing. plus care and support. for people escaping domestic violence.

Hostels (specified accommodation category 4)

These provide temporary, short-term housing for people who need care, support and supervision.

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